Monday, February 20, 2006

Doom and Gloom

What a week it was. Not only was I laid up with a throat virus but my main Hard Drive decided "Fuck you Vic, Ive had enough of your abuse" and promptly blew up. I tried everything to get it back. I even tried putting the thing in the freezer (The joys of googling) which worked. Did it work well enough, did it shit. 5 years of work, photos, emails gone forever! I did have alot of Cork Talks Back stuff backed up, and some photos but not everything! I came very close to horsing the whole lot through the window on Saturday. Im looking around to get something new in the next few weeks, but I have something to get me by in the meantime. Anyways enough of the doom and gloom! But for feck sake, Back your important shit up!!!!!!!

It was great to be back on the air last night. Really busy and loads of welcome back texts, which is always nice. Nobody seemed to be happy at the face of Brian Kennedy going to Eurovision. The public have to be taken out of the eurovision equation. Leave it to the experts. At this stage with public voting, its a handy earner, so I would think its here to stay. Alot of people last night were calling for Pat Shortt to go and do something. Why not, a novely act as opposed to this ballady shite.