Monday, June 13, 2005

I get up earlier than usual to take care of some business. On the way home I manage to choke down some rashers, egg and some weird form of tomato relish as breakfast. Who ever heard of tomato relish. My first thought was this is sauce like, but god only knows. Its stayed down for the last few hours and shortly I will be out of the food poisoning zone.

So another week begins. We're looking at some serious movie folk for the show later on in the week, but nothing concrete yet. My Star Wars special is still getting some attention as well. Comes to light that BBC Scotland were asking about it. So thats a big compliment. Keeping with movies I download some new trailers, namely The Chronicles of Narnia. Not my thing at all, but it looks good in a sort of Lord of the Rings way. Land of the dead is also viewed and its another zombie flick from George Romero. Im a big fan, but the trailer just shows more of the same. The zombie genre, while on a comeback of recent years, is almost out of steam methinks. Although if anyone can kick the shite back into it, its Romero. Colin Farrells The New World is also after coming down the line and it looks shit hot. Im sure most people (myself included) will be a bit cagey for another epic style film, especially after Alexander. Or so the critcs would have it. My copy of Alexander arrived today on DVD, so Ill have to take it in soon as I have not seen the flick yet.

Yet another celebrity sex tape is on the cards by all accounts. No I havent seen it, but its Tom Sizemore and Liz Hurley...again by all acoounts. Do we even care that Liz is getting laid anymore. Lets see Britney and her yeeehhhaaawww go at it. Can you picture it. Hed probably have a beer resting on her back as shes bent over polishing his collection of shotguns. Raccoon season is here yall.

Anyway, I have to get outta here and cook some thing that will resemble a dinner.
Oh yeah, Im sure you've noticed a slight change in how things look now, and also check out the link on the right called Vman in Japan. Its a mate of mine from Dingle who scuttered off the Japan a few years back and there are some really cool photos.