Sunday, August 31, 2008

The one with my Step Brothers take!

At times, I can lose the plot over the slightest thing. Yesterday, was another one of those days. I went looking for the power screwdriver, and couldn't find it. Eventually I found it, but it was too late as the red mist had started rolling in from the mountains. Another 20 minutes was spent looking for the screw driver bits, and they, like Paris Hilton's knickers, could not be found. By this time, the red mist was ripping its way through the house, so I was in pretty bad fuckin form.

Around 5ish we went off to Mahon Point and I ended up forking up some moolah for a jacket. The little bit of retail therapy brought a break in the red mist storm, but I was still in bad form. I suggested going to see Step Brothers, but she who must be obeyed didn't really fancy it. By the end of a Big Mac, it was decided we would go off and see the new Will Ferrell and John C. Riley flick. I felt a little laughter therapy would help the red mist storm!

So, to the story. Dale and Brennan become step brothers after their mammy and daddy tie the knot, after feeling each others internal milkshakes at a hearing aid convention. They hate each other and go about being nasty little feckers to one another. The first half of the film is non stop dick, fart and bunk bed jokes and it works absolute wonders. Couple this with some comedy violence and your on a winner, already. Now, as most of these movies go, inevitably the step brothers begin to like each other, thanks to velociraptors and wanting to shag John Stamos if they were women. And, they have to team up to solve a problem, which involves Dale and Brennan singing and drumming at the wine mixer! Im not going to gvie away the problem as its a little spoiler, but its probably quite obvious from the start of the movie.
Riely and Ferrell, who many will remember from Talledega Nights, not only were involved with the writing, but look like they had an absolute blast filming this. The portray genuine child style hatred for one another and I dont think 2 other actors could have pulled it off the way the guys did!

Sure, the story is a little bizarre, with 2 grown men acting like little spoilt shits, but Step Brothers requires you to leave your brains at the ticket booth. Once you pop your brain out, sit back and wait for the pee dribbling to begin!

Movies like Step Brothers, will never get 10 out of 10s or 100s out of 100s, but they make you laugh until you get a little dribble of pee. The whole thing moves along quite quickly, and baring a few little hiccups not even worth mentioning, Adam McKay, in my view, has directed one of the funnier movies of the year so far. And whatever you do, don't leave until the credits are done, because what happens a few seconds into the credit roll, is worth the price of admission alone. I left Step Brothers with the red mist completely and utterly lifted and I pray to the Lord Jesus that there is an extended and unrated version for Blu-Ray in the coming months.