Monday, August 08, 2005

Holidaze are over

Well the sun is shining, and that can mean only one thing. No, its not a spell of good weather. No it doesnt mean time to lie out in the garden with yer tits ahoy. Its time for the outdoor shower system I invented with a watering can and a can of Lynx. Oh yeah, tis back to work time too. I wake this morning at 6am, 7am, 8am, 9am (you get the picture) and at 10am I decide to crawl out of bed. Being the lazy hulk that I am, I think about asking one of the neighbours to run up to the shop for a breakfast roll...but the bastards are on holidays. So I do it myself, and man is it disgusting. Its so disgusting that I eat all of it.

Finally at around 11am I open up the much loved Microsoft product, Word. 12pm comes, and nothing is written or even typed. My head hurts and my copy of Sin City hasnt arrived. By 2pm we're done..kind of. I have a skit to record when I get in, put together a show reel, and Vince is stepping into the other fellas shoes for the week so Ill be offering him my hand in assistance.......NO, not like bloody perverts.

I am looking forward to getting back on the air tonight as some people have said to me that they missed my amazing interview skills and stupendous humour. Part of what you have read may well be a lie.

Anyway, tis now time for lunch and a round of golf...on the psp. Then Ill be trawling around the net for other interesting tidbits, that will be of interest to my audience.

So, talk to y'all at 9pm!!!!