Monday, March 20, 2006

Another weekend over with, but probably the biggest weekend of the year. According to our text poll last night, 55% of you rang in sick to work this morning. Shame on you all! I would think of all the 52 Mondays in the year, this is probably the worst one you could pick for a sickie! Im not sure who bad or good Patricks weekend was, but if Shane McGowan was anything to go by on the Late Late, then you can draw your own conclusion. Shane looked well; but there was a certain Marilyn Manson look about him, which frightened me to be honest! Im surprised that the whole Late Late set didnt explode or go up in flames. The "lemonade" Shane was holding, seemed to have a life of its own. It was constantly climbing out of the glass and hurling itself onto the floor.

My own Paddys weekend wasnt bad. I didnt hit the city on Friday night, becasue it was absolutely bonkers. Maybe its my "old" age, but my days of queing for 40 minutes, paying 5 times over the odds for a drink and to have some drunk clown spill it before its drank...are over!!!! That said, I didnt watch the Late Late at all. It came on by accident..apparently! I did hear that Brendan Gleeson tore the government a new asshole and then proceeded to tear another one out of that. In between movies, maybe he could run the country! A few weeks a year is all thats needed..apparently

Thursday night, as I mentioned on the show last night, knocked me for six. Not only was it nipple hardening, it was one of the coldest nights Ive felt for some time! But what shocked me, was the amount of women around town...wearing absolutely nothing. All this was well and good for the hot blooded gentleman, but ladies dya not feel the cold! Somebody pointed out last night, that all women want to do is look nice. I dont know, wear next to nothing in freezing conditions and spend a week with the flu. As Risteard pointed out last night, maybe it was a desperate act to grab the attention of the passing droves of men, who would decide "Ah love you must be cold, take me coat". That didnt happen either from what I could see. Most of the fellas out on Thursday night obviously didnt hear of the coat idea either. Like a migrating herd of Wildebeest, the paraded through Pana all wearing the exact same rigout. I guess if theres a scatter, culprits are less likely to be arrested, due to the similar look. Short check shirt (Ben Sherman possible), jeans and either tan or black shoes. There must be a uniform shop in each suburb, where all the lads go every night to "dress up"

Lots of people emailing and texting about bebo and myspace. As I said Im a blogger, not a spacer. Please feel free to add me to your myspace or bebo accounts! Remember though, all the gossip happens on this page though!