Thursday, August 04, 2005

Holidaze clearing now

Well the oul holiers are almost done. Although as someone said to me today, "Stop your fucking moaning, you have another four days left". Tis true ya know. So Vic, tell us how the holidaze have been so far.

Well today for example we got the stairs carpeted as well as the landing. My copy of Hot Shots Golf has been teeded off on my PSP, so yes its really riveting shit altogether. Those of you who felt I was going off on some drunken binge with hookers and a donkey in some far flung part of Mexico, well no doubt, now, be feeling very, very, disappointed.

I feel I must address the Vibes And Scribes Wrestler or the ex-wrestler (whatever). May I just say, Sir, many the night you made me laugh with your texts to the show. With that, I say...Thank you. I yearn for the day to see a piledriver off the stairs in V&S. To everybody else thats left comments, Thank you too. God Im sounding very emotional today, for some reason. Maybe its because theres carpet under me feet.

So thats it kids, thanks for reading. Ill be here tomorrow again, no doubt. Filling you up with tales of hookers, drunkeness and donkeys...hang on theres only one donkey......Sorry!

Anyways..Ill leave you all with a picture I spotted today....