Monday, February 04, 2008

The Giants one! Previously known as the one with Giants

I've never been a huge sports fan. Back in my Panini sticker days, I was a huge fan of Man United, circa Kevin Moran, Bryan Robson, Norman Whiteside, Frank Stapleton, Gordon Strachan, Mark Hughes etc.etc. Then I lost interest. I've never been a huge GAA fan, even though I played hurling and football at club level and school level. But I lost interest in that too. Twas them American sports that caught my eye. The NBA and the NFL have always been religiously watched on the TV. I've always had a soft spot for the NY Giants and before that the 49'ers. Back in the days of Joe Montanna and Jerry Rice.

So close last year, the Giants would go all the way the next time. I said it on air, I said it here (I think) and I never bothered putting a few shillings on it. Go all the way they did. I arrived home last night and flicked on TV3. BBC2 had the same feed from the game and their picture quality was ten times better, plus I didnt have to endure the ad breaks at nearly every play. That play (waiting for it to arrive on youtube) by Eli Manning towards the end of the game was unreal. I woke Ger, the dogs and anybody in a 5 mile radius after the play. Minutes later, with the winning touchdown, people in a 25 mile radius were woken up!

On another note, I got to Cloverfield over the weekend. It looks the business. It feels the business. It IS the business. One of the best "monster" flicks I've seen in years if not one of the best films I've ever had the pleasure to see. The monster is like nothing you've ever seen before. Leaving the cinema, through an empty Mahon Point was very surreal. I was expecting big arse monster to come crashing through the roof! Check it out, but dont sit too near the front!!!!