Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just got news the Paul Dee The Hypnotist will be making a very welcome return to the show next Thursday (May 4th) For anyone thats a long time listener you'll know how entertaining the whole thing is on air. For anybody that hasnt heard Paul Dee on air, basically we offer listeners the oppurtunity to come out to the station on the night and get hypnotised! You have to be over 18!

Anyone wants to get hypnotised , please email me

with your contact details or just PM me here

This is only a bit of crack and no one will get disgraced!!

Well it had to happen sooner or later. I missed an update yesterday. I had a meeting with a radio doctor yesterday (good prognosis too) and by the time I was finished I decided to stick around as it wasnt worth my time to go home. I gave my stand in producer Don an oul bit of a hand with the show. We hit Abrakebabra for dinner and got back to the station for more slaving.

Absolutely brilliant news about Kanye West coming to Live at the Marquee later on in the year, and its a RedFM gig to boot! Definitely something to look forward to, as its the whole Live at the Marquee again. Some savage acts, but Kanye is the icing on the cake, and tis savage icing too!

Tuesday and Wedneday were fairly stressfull, if truth be told. When working with a stand in producer not everything works the way it should, for millions of reasons. In fairness to Don he pulled off a blinder last night. Absoultely jam packed show. Recently theres a huge buzz about the show which is great, so keep listening because theres a few big things happening in the next few weeks. Lots and lots of callers last night when it came to the discussion "Are Cork girls up there own arses" Really good points on both sides and the promo thats running today has a very funny clip from last night! I know in my single days that quite alot of the time when your out in a pub and club, members of the opposite sex wouldnt give me the time of day. As I said last night, you were on the recieving end of THAT look. We all know THAT look. At times I wondered was my fly open? Maybe my pants was around my ankles? Other times I checked to see I hadnt shit myself. The odd time I thought that maybe I was drooling and speaking in tongues, like I was possessed. Each time I checked I was fine. It wasnt me, it was a case that the females were up there arse, and couldnt be bothered to speak to a cretin like me. For anyone thats single now, I do feel your pain. Half the time being single has its benefits, other times its a drag. I know someone is asking "What the fuck are the benefits of being single?" Well, you can throw your leg over as many people as you want to without feeling guilty (Christ thats harsh!). Note the word try!!!!!!! As for the other benfits, well Im fucked if I now. Im in a relationship for six years now. Whod have thought that possible. Either way, its brilliant but at the same time, like everything dont believe the hype. No one wants to grow old on their own, but think of it like this. When your 76 and single, sign yourself into an old folks home. Theres plenty of other people in the same boat, so chances are you'll get your hole after your afternoon feed of pills and soup. It might take a while to get the clothes off, and it might take a shit load of pills to get things working, but at least you'll be together!

Today is another busy day for me, but for a change Im well ahead. I might even manage to take in an Xbox Live game of Battlefield2. Speaking of games, theres the big E3 conference coming up soon. For anyone with an Xbox360 this should hopefully be the start of proper next gen games for the 360. So far theres been very few games that have blown my mind. Alot of stuff is generally ports from the Pc, or its a multiplatform release. PGR3 stands out amongst the crowd. 2 games Im really looking forward to are Lost Planet and Dead Rising. For anyone on Xbox Live theres a demo of Lost Planet out on May 9th, and in the meantime check the trailer for it. Rockin stuff!

For lots of people, the last Friday of the month is payday. So roll on tomorrow. I have nothing major planned for the weekend. Few drinks with friends seems to be on the cards, and I have to purchase a portable hard drive. Theres is so much Cork Talks Back Audio in the station, that backing up onto DVD isnt feasable anymore! I have me feckin Car Tax to pay for as well. Which I have no problem paying, but its hard to justify it when your sitting in the middle of a crater on the road!

Anyways thats it for today. We are not on the air Monday night, but are on Sunday so keep an eye on the blog over the next few days!

Finally a quick grab from the phone, late last night sticking the Cork Talks Back promo together!