Friday, February 10, 2006

Take me now!

I discovered this last night on Finally some closure on the date it starts, although who knows when it will be on here. RTE are you listening!!!! The Sopranos as some of you might know is my favourite TV show of all time. Yes even more the Glenroe and Where in the World!

Ive made 1 really bad decision this week, and Im paying for it now. I went back on air not fully recovered and proceeded to thrash the shit out of my voice and throat in the process. Every few minutes Ive been turning off my mic, coughing, choking and draining the ballygowan cooler. So the throat is betterish, but now this bloody cough is aggravating it again. Ive been told about a really good cough bottle, so a trip to the Chemist is happening in a few minutes. To top the whole thing off, I think Im also getting a cold on top of it all! Which of course is the icing on the mucus cake!

I have very little plans for the weekend, bar taking in a movie or 2 and working on our Singles night! I may also go to the rubbish tip. Who said this rock n roll lifestyle was easy!

Have a good weekend and tune in Sunday night from 10pm!