Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Well better late than never. As for the person that said Ill slide into once a month updates...cmon...those days are gone....arent they?

Bad couch related day. We bought an L shaped couch and a matching two seater about a year ago. Problem, 2 seater wrong colour. Solution "Era hang on to it till we get in the new one" Year later new couch arrives. Great. But now the new one looks slightly darker than the L shaped bastard. Could it ware and tear and some fading. I dont fuckin know and at this stage I dont care. I think the differences are non existent, but the mother in law to be will cast her opinion later on tonight. As will more people. Where is Magnum when you need him. Christ at this stage Id settle for the Dulux dog to come in and just go woof!

One of my favourite comedians on the entire planet, Gilbert Gottfried is on the show tonight, so make sure you check it out. Gilbert is one of the many comedians in the new movie, The Aristocrats! We'll also have some hot topics thats got Cork yapping as well...in particular Ill take some calls on petrol costs. Now that I think of it, things aren’t too bad when it comes to buying petrol. To be fair though it only cost me €70 to fill up my lawnmower.

I have to announce the Pride and Predjudice screening at 7 tonight, so let it rain sweets in the Gate later on. In particular those bastards with the couch woke me up at 9.30.

Anyway, I have to go as the face needs a shave and that bolognase I had for dinner is going through my insides quicker than expected!