Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The one with the Hudson landing reconstruction

Amazing reconstruction!

The one with Gmail

Is there anybody else out there with gmail accounts that in reality probably way a tonne, if indeed they could be weighed? My inbox just hit 12073 mails, which I reckon weighs at least a million tonnes, and not any of them carbon tonnes either. Many of them are unread. Simple things like forum replies, which I'd go direct to the forum as opposed to using the gmail link. And yes it is far too much trouble to click the delete button. 

Ive thought about cleaning the thing out, but its even more trouble to start clicking all the little boxes and then clicking the delete button. But is there any point in cleaning it out? I could just click delete all, but then I'd probably delete something that I'd want to read about in 6 years time. I guess when it explodes, I'll just get a new one! 

Life is tough!

*EDIT* Just worked out if I printed out all those emails (provided each one took 1 sheet) the whole lot would weigh around 34 stone or 482lbs or even better still, 218, 631 grams. Ok so a little exaggerated with the million tonnes!