Sunday, March 12, 2006

Its been another super fast weekend. Do these things ever slow down. Some drunk fella started sizing me up on Thursday night inside a particular well known Cork fast food outlet. He then proceeded to start moaning and groaning about other certain talk shows, but said I was alright...thankfully. I didnt fancy spilling me chips and curry all over the place!

I dont know why, but I decided to add one or 2 things to my myspace account.

Add me if your about! As I say over there, Im more a blogger than a spacer :)

Friday my parents dropped by for a visit and I donned my chefs hat. Thankfully everyone is still alive! Saturday was a visit to the vet day and I finally got to see Capote Saturday night. I can see why the Oscar went to PSH, but I wasnt all that gone on the movie. The fish got their 2 weekly clean out this morning. Other than that Project Gotham Racing 3 got its fair share of usage over the weekend!

5 Days to go to Piss up central, with Paddys Day. As the show doesnt air on Fridays, we're hoping to bring some Paddys Day action to Thursday night! Thats about it for now, Sundays being a day of rest and all....Check out the show tonight after Green On Red with Colm, from 10pm!