Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The one with liquid nitrogen

Got some liquid nitrogen hanging around? Got a swimming pool? Well this should pass away a few minutes...

The one with swinging

Great and interesting reaction to the swinging topic last night. Many people were of the opinion that the swingers were dirty, slimy perverts. And a selection were saying fair play, if it floats your boat, put up your sail!

It was fascinating talking to the callers and how the whole scene works. Would it float my boat? as many wanted to know. I suppose to a point. Years of porn watching, probably has desensitised me to the whole thing. As the old saying goes, we'd all go for a look. And theres not much point going to the fairground or "da merries" without having a go on the bumpers. But as is the norm with the bumpers, be prepared to get hit from behind. Otherwise tell the other drivers to stay in front of ya.

But what happens if your performance is lack luster or ends quite early. What do you do then? Hang around, watch and try and get going again? Offer words of encouragement to the other swingers? Or maybe turn on the TV in another room and watch the news? I would imagine that for some people the thought of being in a room with a load of naked, horny folk would be quite exciting. It might be too exciting for that said few though. A tap on the shoulder could be enough to end someones evening prematurely.

The idea of an outside broadcast from a swinging party had crossed my mind, and its still in my mind if truth be told. I can imagine it now.
"This is Cork Talks Back with Victor Barry, hang on a sec, theres a couple having sex on top of the desk. Watch the mics folks will ye, there expensive. Anyway call us......."

I'm a very liberal person and quite open to lots of things. So whatever floats your boat, hoist the sail and sail on!

I should have been at Cork week!

The one with Harry Potter

For some time now, I've always been accused of not giving Harry Potter a fair go. And Im not about to give it a fair go. I can appreciate they hype and moolah old Ma Rowling has pulled in and how successful the movies are, but the thought of that young fella jumping around the place with a broom just makes me cringe. All the hocus pocus shite inspires me to reach into a bucket and hurl up me breakfast.

But, Ive decided to be nice this morning and put up a teaser trailer for the new Harry Potter and the Half dead Prince or whatever its called....