Monday, March 03, 2008

The one with post 700. World stops turning!!!

Well its arrived. Post 700! And just for a split second the world stopped turning, well the wirless connection went dodgy for a second at least. This is going to be a neutral post to say the least. No bitching, moaning or "hilarious" comments. When I started this blog back on November 12th 2004 I didnt think it'd last this long. I thought, like lots of other things, I'd get bored and move on and probably spend my days whoring myself out on myspace or something. Like other more important day to day activities, you have good weeks and bad weeks. In the case of the blog, it had bad months, where there was more chance of someone getting free sex from a hooker than an update. But I kept the online musings going, due to some miracle and if truth be told I enjoy updating the thing. Yeah, at times the whole thing is tedious. It wrecks my head, but like the Loreal ad (kinda), tis worth it. The one thing I have noticed is the style of writing over the last 3 odd years. At the start I was writing at a Junior Infants level, but fast forward from then until now and Im writing at a 3rd class level.

The blog also got some recognition this year with the blog awards. While I wasnt at the awards ceremony myself, carrying women around on one arm (Mr. O Shea!!!!) it was nice to get a nod. Speaking (technically, writing at a 3rd class level) of the blog awards, well done to all the winners on the night.

So with that, post 700 comes to a more or less neutral close. The world may now start to turn again! Oh, one final thing........ KIDS ROCK as being played on the show!

Till 9, keep your arse in line!