Thursday, March 09, 2006

I was asked yesterday about Holidays. When, where and how! Im not a sun holiday person so If I do decided to go somewhere there has to be more to do than scratch yourself in 120 degree heat! Thats why I love NYC so much. I have a mad notion for the last few weeks of driving to the south of France from Cork, to see a bridge and drive over it. After that, an oul U-e and come home! According to one route planner Ive looked at, theres 20 hours of a trip each way! This is the bridge, the Millau bridge in fact!

Today and Tomorrow are the last days of Pass It On. Theres been a great buzz about this game and people have been cleaning up with it. So check it out, you might be able to win some serious cash.
To celebrate international womens day yesterday, it was decided that I should present the show in drag.All I can say about this is 2 things.

1. Ladies I feel your pain
2. Thank Christ it was on the radio!!!

Before anyone asks, theres no photos. Something we've covered on the show quite a bit is the whole boy racer vs Car enthusiast thing. Another article in one of yesterdays papers spurned a revisit to the topic. Im my opinion; and I think its fairly logical, the guys (and girls) that are spending a fortune on insurance and doing up their car arent about to drive the shit in and out of it, ten times over! It makes sense. Its the clowns that are buying an old banger, drilling holes in the exhaust and putting saucepan lids on as alloys are the issue. Again, its a hot topic given the amount of car enthusiasts in Cork, but the big wigs in government and elsewhere would really want to cop on!

Driving through town last night, there was a Garda checkpoint on the South Mall, which is great. Good to see Guards out in force. It was the first time I was asked was I after drink, which again is great! Then I was asked for my licence and after the Guard removed it from the plastic and read it, he handed it back in 2 parts. The licence and the actual plastic folder. This drives me up the wall! If they can take the time to take it out, take the time to put it back in!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, Im off to stick together some audio for Movie Fan Attack, and no Im not giving any clues......

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- V