Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well Im still missing what feels like, a third of one of my back teeth. I have the occasional drool and a minute lisp, but no matter what I tell myself, I will still have to go to the dentist. As a matter of fact its going to be tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

The mother in law (to be,almost) came for a visit today.....always good fun. The fish are rockin' now. Im about to finish book 3 of Frank Millers Sin City and its a helluva read. Roll on the screening Im going to on Thursday morning.

For the first time since we moved in, I came home last night and went straight to bed, due to the dizziness and weird pains in my head. 13 hours later, I was feeling a bit better. All tooth related no doubt or should that be, as per yesterdays post...fuckin popcorn!!!!

I have to start organising for Gers birthday in the next day or 2 so thats going to be fun.......not. I hate; well hate is too strong a word, Im not a big fan of this organising due to running out of ideas after 5 years. It has to be done though, it has to be done.

So theres nothing else of mention...

Monday, May 30, 2005

What a fucker of day. Well things arent that bad. My copy of Be Cool arrived and as opposed to putting it on the shelf I decided to watch it. Most people will have a munch with a movie and I made some popcorn. As with most popcorn there are always some kernels left over. Well one of these little bastards knocked half of my tooth at the back of my mouth and Im beginning to get a lisp now. A visit is now in order for the dentist, who knows when though. Overall the movie wasnt bad, but Im in a real irritated state now. Fuckin popcorn!!!!

The next few additions to the fish tank will be made on Friday and Im off to Sin City on Thursday. Life wouldnt be too bad only for fuckin popcorn. So thats it, Im off to do the show. Hopefully tomorrow Ill be feeling a bit better.............fuckin popcorn

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Well another weekend bites the dust. Today as the weather was nice and Im sick shit of cooking I decided we should head out for Sunday lunch. Off to Carrigaline tried 2 places (one being a hotel) and feckin nothing. No food period. To top this off the traffic was mental, so after a visit to Woodies via Belgooly (dont ask) we made KFC. At least we had chicken, granted it wasnt roasted. Saturday night I was left on my tod as herself had some birthday party to go to, so experimenting I went. Rock Shandy and Tia Maria = Vics Liquid Orange Chocolate. The absolute job. Im wondering now if I mixed it with Cidona would I get a toffee apple like cocktail.

Managed to take in Assault on Precint 13 on Friday night as well as nearly dying for stuffeditis from a Chinese. All in all gritty and gorey and that was just the Chinese, the movie was good too. The fish have almost being cleared completley of whitespot, granted theres one more treatment to go tomorrow and thats it then. Big purchase of fish on Friday next.

This is it for today as I can hear the KFC knocking to come out!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Fishy probs

I wake up at 12 this afternoon. Turns out the missus turned the heating on at 6 in the morning, so Im in a heat and sweat induced coma. I struggle down stairs to feed the fish and notice something that I thought that would go away. Tiny little white spots (its a disease thats normally associated with new tanks) appearing on 2 fish now. It will eventually kill them if left untreated, so a journey is called for to the fish shop.

6 Euros later and a Big Mac Im at home, adding 9ml of this blue dye thing into .5 of a litre of hot water. I take 3 attempts, as the instructions say wait for it to disolve while stirring. Now I have a strong wrist (right only) and Im sitrring the shit out of it for 4 minutes, and nothing. So its gone into the tank now and it will have to get a second dose on monday and then after that, sorted........hopefully. You can see a pic of the tank in a previous pic, and Ive had to remove a big ol stone I had in it as this cure will stain it. God help the fish anyway. It now looks like I have a rockery under the tank.

Last show of the week and its been a good week. I gave away 5 pairs of Aslan tickets last night and normally we spin the oul roulette wheel and get people to identify a piece of music. If they guess it correct, they get the tickets. Red is a Top 40 station so for the best part there are no obscure unrecognisable tracks in our archives. The amount of people that got it wrong last night staggers belief. Maybe its easier for me just sitting on my hole. But cmon, Cork people dont know the Frank and Walters......arrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I was planning on heading to the flicks tomorrow to break up the day but theres absolutely feck all in. Roll on Sin City on June 3rd, granted its out in August on DVD in the states. Yeah, its pre ordered. Im really trying to lay off the credit card which is proving more difficult every day. The better halfs birthday is next month so I can use that as an excuse.

I could go on and say the price of bread is terrible and the weather is unsettled, but you dont give a shit, do ya....................see, just what I thought.

Keep the hand off it!

Vics fone.jpg

Vics fone.jpg

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Now you can see how shit my camera phone is. Well at night anyway. Just 2 pics of the journey home. If you squint and hit yourself in the nose you can just make me coming out of the Jack Lynch Tunnell. Before the safety people come down on me, it was a passenger that took the pics.

Ive been up since earlier (Dahhhhhhh!) as I have a meeting to get to later on and Im penciled in to interview Christy Dignam from Aslan for tonights show.

The toast and ketchup reciepe for this mornings breakfast isnt sitting too well for some reason or other. Im not even beginning to think how Im going to shift it (I said SHIFT) but Im sure itll come up or go out one way or another.

My list of movies to watch is growing ever larger, with Appleseed just after smashing through the letterbox. Im not a big manga fan (Akira and thats it) at all but after looking at a trailer for this, I couldnt resist. Roll on War of the Worlds anyways, looking forward to that.

Im only talking shite now as theres not much else going on. The weather is absolute rubbish and Ill be firing up a Lasange or mexican rice thing for dinner. I Sky +d Inside the Playboy Mansion the other night and Im only getting round to watching it now. Its like an extreme version of Cribs. The missus thinks hes a bit of a dirty ol man but in all fairness....fair play to ya Hef. Now wheres my invite. No doubt if I managed to get into the mansion and their infamous grotto, everyone else would leave. At least Id get to take home some underwear, theres bound to be loads of it lying around.

From Vics.jpg

From Vics.jpg



Tuesday, May 24, 2005



Finally a use for my shitty camera phone. Just found flickr.com and it allows you to post photos from your phone directly to your blog. Thanks to silentbobspeaks.com for the inspiration. Heres one of the hobbit, just for a test. God only knows what will appear here. Ill try and get a photo up here every day. Arent you all so lucky.

The quality from my camera fone is shit as far as Im concerned. The missus phone does it far better. Im a huge fan of Sony products but their phones just aint great. Why did I ever change from a Nokia!
Where people get "it" on never suprises me. Given the list of places people, as some said last night, got their freak on its no wonder Stan Collymore was caught in the act. Just a bit of harmless fun and a good text topic to boot. No doubt someone somewhere got offended, I guess Ill find out later.

Im a bit later than usual today, too much clowning around on the net took up more time than I expected. Just being going through a little bit of TV on the Sky + since last night. Ive been totally addicted to American Chopper for the last 2 years with no sign of it ever stopping. Between that and the mexican flavoured pot noodles life couldnt be better. My old film days are calling to me again, come to think of it theyve never stopped calling me. Im contemplating doing a little short for some of the festivals later on in the year. I guess I need something to get me through the weekends, even after all the takeaways and booze.

The fish are on day 3 and all seem to be well, granted I convinced one of them is on its last legs. Maybe that should be fins. The hobbit is in bed, our bed at that too. Hes been there all morning and theres no sign of him moving his hairy hole. Although he did venture outside to drain himself against the shed (again). Sometimes I wonder why he hasnt got an external bladder tied on behind him as he pisses like a herd of camels. It could be worse I suppose, dont ask me how it could be.

I got my letter about my alleged speeding today, so €80 and 2 points are in the offing. Cant wait. I spend so much time on the show talking about penalty points and like a clown I was caught, granted a few kilometers over the limit but thats no excuse. A mate of mine is contesting his but at this stage Ill just pay the fine. I havent went 1 k over the speed limit since I was stopped. So it does work.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Back to the stone that grinds. Ive been up a few hours and after an injection of coffee, things dont seem to bad. Im still suffering the little bit of block when it comes to the monologues and celeb surveys, but Im sure it will pass.

A month on and Im still waiting for a particular supermarket to refund our Laser card. Yet another phone call this morning proved a bit more promising. Only time will tell, and if it doesnt my bad ass stick weilding legal team will be getting medievil on some holes.

The aquarium, feck it...fish tank (aquarium sounds like Im charging to get it in, and we have this underwater tunnell with a great white chewing on the glass) is doing fine. All 6 fish have survived since the weekend and are eating and doing what fish do. Im looking forward to filling it up with more fish, but a week or 2 will have to go by before then.

I sat down to watch Chasing Amy last night as for some reason, I convinced myself I never ever saw it before. Of course I did, but we left it on none the less. Great ol movie. Kevin Smith could well be Jesus reincarnated. Cmon, hes got the beard and a kind of modern Jesus style hair do. After a few glasses of Tia Maria, twas time for bed but of course the lure of the PC took me away from that. 2 hours and a load of porn later Im in bed going through my twisting and turning.

Im feel the need now for more twisting and turning, looks like the Sunday dinner is looking to depart!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Last night off and the last few days off have really flown by. I got a few fish for the aquarium yesterday, I have to keep the numbers down for a few weeks while the tank climitases to fish shit and so on. I have to admit the last few days or even nights, have been great. More relaxation than anything. I also had to satisy my creative urges, hence the newish look to the blog.

I spent some of today and a bulk of yesterday trying to spend a voucher in Virgin, that I got for my birthday. Its amazingly difficult to buy anything, so the voucher will be stuck in my wallet for at least another week. In ways I think itll be good to get back on the air tomorrow night as Im feckin bored outta my mind right now. Im going to take another day or two here or there, but this break has been the longest so far this year. All work and no play can make one a rather tainted and grumpy muthafucker.

So tomorrow morning itll be back to the ol routine of getting up and writing shit for the show and racking my brains.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Birthday is over and done with (thank god) and Im now the proud owner of a rather large aquarium. I needed a hobby! I used to own tropical fish years and years ago and since we moved into the house, Ive been pining away to get another tank.

I went to see Episode III again yesterday and still it rocks as much as it did the first time. My name made the cover of Hotpress (on newstands now) and my interview with Rick McCallum (albeit a shorter version) is on page 84. On another Star Wars note, Im also getting my thoughts together for another Star Wars special when the DVD launches. If things work out, itll be ten times better than Cork Talks Star Wars. Return of Cork Talks Star Wars, coming your way in Oct / Nov.

Other than that Im taking it easy and enjoying the few days off (whats left of them anyway). Its amazing how fast the days are going by.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Well Cork Talks Star Wars went off like the death star last night. We were swamped with people trying to win some of the goodies we had on offer and I think everyone really enjoyed the 2 hour special. Some people told me they were really pumped about the movie after the special and were off to watch Attack of the Clones again.

Personally, I drove home on a high after tipping my hat to George Lucas for 2 hours and opened a bottle of wine or 3. Today I am the ripe oul age of 29 and as usual I couldnt care less about my Birthday. Sure they'll be dinners and presents later on, which I really appreciate but tis just another ol (der) day. Im off for a few days, back on the air on Monday night and from what I understand my Rick McCallum interview will be featured in Hotpress this Friday.

Peace out

Sunday, May 15, 2005

4am the alarm clock, my phone and the missus's phone started beeping in tandem. Ten minutes later I was in the shower trying to wake up and scrub up. Twenty minutes later we were on the road to Dublin. Quarter to Six, I crusie past a lone cop with a speed gun. Around 2 hours later I hit the M7, with the caffeine firing on all cylinders (or whatever that section of motorway is called). At 19 minutes past eight I get a nice parking space in the Irish Life Centre.

My 2 invites are snug in my inside pocket and we still have a bit of time to kill till 11am, when The Savoy in O Connell St opens its doors for a preview screening of Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith. After a McDonalds breakfast and plenty of trudging around the shops we arrive at the Savoy at 10.30. We are greeted by 2 stormtroopers and are quickly left in upon presenting our invites and told to turn off all mobiles. Im not sure what time it was, but close enough to 11am the lights dim, the curtains open and a trailer for the fantastic four hits the screen. A few minutes later the words
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...... appear. Having been a far Star Wars fan for most of my life, this is what I waited for. No rush of blood to the head, no chills....nothing, only the thought in my head "Here we go"

Two hours, twenty minutes later the credits start rolling and we pile out into O Connell Street. I kept the occasional tears well hidden and had an overwhelming sense of happiness and sadness walking down O Connell Street in the direction of TGi Fridays in St.Stephens Green. For all the SW fans, this is the full circle. For just film fans in general, its a piece of history and for the non-believers this movie kicks the shit out of the last 2. The special effects are absoluely mind blowing and the gradual transformation of Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) to Darth Vader is touching, and most of all I found myself wishing things might not go the way they were supposed to go. But of course they do and the saga, as mentioned earlier, comes full circle. I dont want to giveaway any of the movie for the 2 or 3 of you that are reading, but just go see it.

Im on air in about 45 mins from now, and I am already counting down the days until I go see this again.

Dont forget my Cork Talks Star Wars special airs on Red from 10pm(GMT) on Tuesday.

May the Force be with you all, and it certainly was with Mr. Lucas for Episode III.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Havent been on in a week or 2, as Im fairly busy. Busy you say; with what. Trying to finish the Cork Talks Star Wars Special which airs next Tuesday. Im still trying to pin down one or 2 more of the final interviews, but for the best part its in the bag. I dont want to give too much away, but a particular magazine has picked up on one of the interviews.

Keeping with Star Wars, Im off to a preview screening in Dublin on Saturday. Its on early, so no late night for me on Friday :( From what Ive seen with trailers and the likes, I cant wait. I wouldnt class myself as one of the Star Wars fans with the encyclopedic knowledge of how many nuts and bolts in an Xwing, but Ive been a fan all my life. Its interesting that a few films you see when your a kid stick with you for the rest of your life. Smokey and The Bandit being another.

Id imagine Ill be on the road for about 5am. I know Dublin fairly well, but this will be the first time Ive actually driven up there. Normally its a flight or the train, but Ive decided to drive. Maybe Im getting cheap!!!!!

So thats it for now, the hunger pangs are knocking at me so time to go off and make some toast or something........