Monday, February 11, 2008

The one with sofa's and dancing!

I cant remember a weekend that has been so busy. After 4 hours sleep, I struggled, and I mean struggled to get out of bed. Look a severley wounded gazelle after being mauled by a pride of lions I hauled myself into the shower. I had to be in Mahon Point for 915am for a photo shoot with Twink regarding the Kleenex Sofa Tour. Twink was running a few mins late and after a shoe purchase we were under way, as Im sure you spotted in a previous post. Twink was an absolute star altogether. I had a good oul laugh with her, let it be said. So around 11 I strolled off home and collapsed on the couch. But I decided to bake a cake (as you do) with an amazing reciepe I found in the BBC's Good food mag. I know, I know, it sounds very rock 'n roll. I fed my parents later on that day and that was more or less Friday done.

Saturday morning was another early one. I got to Mahon Point around 930am and at 10am I took up my post on the Kleenex Sofa. I was originally supposed to be there till 3pm but ended up getting off it around 420pm. I was absolutely amazed at some of the stories people were telling me. I'm not going to reveal any of them here, but there are some incredibly brave people out there. I thought I had problems, now I thank my lucky stars! On a lighter note, the men of Cork are well and truly screwing things up with the ladies! With the majority of the ladies giving out about who crap Cork men are. Biggest problem, personality!!!!!!!! I get home for around 5ish and veg out in front of the TV for 20 minutes and decide it would be best to get to bed for a little shut eye for a while. 8pm I surface and decide before I head off to Club Light that I get fed. Not being in the humor to cook, I order a chinese. I feel like absolute shite, being so tired and all that and the chicken balls dont exactly help the scenario. I get to Light around 11ish and have a rather good night. I get home for just gone 4 and crawl into bed. Being over tired at this stage, I cant get to sleep. She who must be obeyed as at a hen night and is only after getting to bed herself, so I nod off.

Sunday I rise early, suprisingly! I get to Mammy's house for Sunday lunch and get back home for around 3, after a couple of furious rounds of the old classic Top Spin Tennis with my Dad. I pick Ger up after the hen in the city centre, get home change and race out the door for my presenting gig at the Everyman Palace. 2 weeks ago, the Ucc Dance Clubs asked me would I present their Clubs Go Dancing. So a holiday request later for a night off, I said I would. It was an absolute brilliant experience at Clubs Go Dancing. The guys and girls of the various Clubs, danced their hearts out and the audience loved every minute. For me, it was an honor to "perform" at the Everyman. It was pretty bizarre talking into darkness with all the stage lights but there was plenty of compliments on my presenting / hosting skills which meant alot!!!!! One of the other highlights of the night was getting Denis Behan (Cork City FC) and Dave (Tony) Tierney (2 of the celeb judges on the night) up on stage, towards the end of the night. Ever since I was asked to do this gig, I had the idea to get Denis up on stage. So after chancing my arm and with a huge, constant cheering from the audience Denis and Dave blew our minds with a riveting performance. Fair play to the Denis and Dave because I know I was giving them a bit of a hard time (all in jest of course) through the course of the evening! Cheers guys!

On a final note, well done to Jonathan and Niamh who were the 2008 Clubs go Dancing winners!