Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The one with nothing in the title

Unlike the title, Im sure they'll be something in here. Or is there................

Oh go on then! Right, the little princess video from last night is located here. There were plenty of good kick up the hole texts coming in, but its the parents who need more than a good kicking. The whole super sweet 16 style of life makes me want to vomit up the hang sangwitch I had for lunch 30 minutes ago. As a matter of fact anytime I witness this kind of asshole behavior I feel like puking. Even if theres nothing in my stomach, I'd manage a drop of bile or something! No doubt theres someone reading this going, dont be such a begrudging shit! Well, are you in the video??? Are you??? Would you treat your kids like that, or rather let your kids treat you like that!

For years we've been fortunate enough to have a wide selection of tv show's that specilise in showing average joes getting mauled by wild animals.....mainly in Zoo's. While its a terrible thing to happen, some of these maulee's go looking for it. Let's face it, you start prodding a Panda or Wolf with a stick or get to close to its enclosure and chances are, you'll get your arse handed to you in a nice homemade bag of intestines. Some of these parents, who obviously have lost touch with reality should surely have no problem wandering into a lion enclosure. Maybe then, just before a big ass paw swipes a big bloody hole in their throat, they'll suddenly go "Hang on, whats going on. What am I doing. Thus being brought back to reality in the back of an ambulance. And if said little brat then still complains, then bring on some more Panda pain!

In other news, there was a big VIP Limo night in Club Light last Friday night. Check the link for more pictures. I got an oul spin in the Limo and the only thing it doesnt have is a cooker and built in oven. Absolutely gigantic. Biggest thing I've been in since.....anyway moving along I managed to finish Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3 and dont think I've enjoyed a video game as much since Gears of War or Uncharted. If thats not enough news for ya, Im now off to make French Onion Soup!

Incidently, I've finally updated my blogroll on the right so if you have a blog and you wanna swap links, shoot me an email to vicbarryNOSPAMBASTARDS@gmail.com
Of course, make sure you delete the NOSPAMBASTARDS part.

Till 9 stay fine and dont let no panda eat your spine (Christ almighty)