Monday, March 15, 2010

The one with, well be thankful, there’s one on a Monday

Afternoon all! This weeks Movie Bit podcast is now available to download so hook up your mp3 player on iTunes. Click here

For some reason or another, I’m bloody sick again! Throat knackered and so on. And given its what I do for a living I’ve been thinking. J-Lo has her hole insured for 100 billion or something and Jordan has her tits insured for a large chips and a coke, so maybe I should go insure the voice. Or at least gargle some throat gargling shit!

Anyway, moan over! My brain melted over the weekend, in particular yesterday. One of these things where nothing makes sense and then you go off and stare at a video game for 2 hours. Nothing makes sense after that either! But anyway, just one of those off days! Nothing like something from One Flew Over the cuckoo’s nest, I swear!

Now where’s that sink?