Thursday, March 30, 2006

2 for the price of wan!

Just another quick update. Even though Im only up since one, today has been a really extremely relaxing day...which is suprising. The stuff I needed to get done went fairly smoothly. Make sure your practicing your Arnie voice for tomorrows fan attack :) Heres some pretty cool pics from my bebo whiteboard!

Thats it, over and out for the weekend. Im going off to give the fish a change of water and crack open a bottle of something!!
Ok Im off tonight and have literally just woken up. I didnt get to bed till five this morning. Called over to a mate for a while after the show, came home and fired on the Xbox 360 till five! That new Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat demo thats just gone up on Xbox Live is top notch all together! Thats what kept me up to be honest. I actually feel now like Ive been run over by a tank, for some reason! Christ I feel like going back to bed, but I have a few bits to do. Day off but still working!

The show has been really, really busy lately which is a great sign. Texts, calls, emails and everything else has been off the charts! As some of you know, I was asked to do an open spot at the new comedy night, run by Pat O Shea. Even though I am off tonight, I just cant make it this week. Maybe next week, as Im off next Thursday and Sunday. Im always writing material for the show and just keeping things archived so maybe Ill have a shot at the standup...for a laugh!

Risteard is in the hot seat for the show tonight and its the last night of our Vogue Beauty Clinic giveaway. Prizes for the ladies AND the men tonight!!!

Short one today, maybe more later! or over the weekend. Anyways, I m back on the air Sunday night @ 10pm!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just a quickie....More calls and comments on Foreign Nationals tonight, Parking Fines and tonnes more stuff including the answer to lifes biggest unsolved mystery and all the hot topics thats got Cork talking!!!!!! Vogue Giveaway as well!
As most of you will have discovered after about an hour using the net for the first time, the world wide web is full of weird shit. Well I came across this, this morning in The Sun.
Its not some bizarre 3 sum video, but rather a horse and its 2 owners crusing down the road. The Southlink - unlikely. Apparently the horse thinks its human, pulling beers from the fridge, riding in the car, ordering cheese burgers at the drive-thru. Its like a real life Mr.Ed! Seriously though dont most Drive-thrus have a height restriction. Anyway, a horse eating cheeseburgers, that knocks the arse outta the whole horses love suger cubes. So there, thought it might be of doubt somebody has seen a horse, like the one above starring in an "action" movie!

Busy show last night with lots of people still calling in with regards to the foreign nationals working in Cork. I dont want to keep on about it here, but for Christs sake, and I know its cliched to the hilt but, Cant we all just get along! Over the years and in various jobs, Ive worked with people from all over the world, the States, Spain, Russia and some other places. Ok, its not all over the world, but its a sizeable chunk. I worked with a guy from Jamica for years in a previous job and he was one of the funniest feckers ever and a nice guy to boot! God, even KC is from Mayo and hes sound! As many callers said its time for us to return the favour! How many Irish legged it to other countries way back when. Sure, some were treated like shit, but for the best part they built the motorways in the UK, they built New York and half the states. Its the same Irish that are busting their balls every day. One example that springs to mind is the NYPD and the FDNY. There all Irish..almost! So if we can integrate into other cultures and countries, then we should be the last people on the planet to moan about others coming here!

Bebo is hitting the headlines and being banned in campus's around the globe and its happening here too. CIT has banend it, and we took alot of calls last night regarding it. Our Text poll, Is Bebo a Good Thing or Bad Thing, resulted in 96% of people saying its a good thing. Theres also a poll on my bebo page which while slow at the mo, has 100% saying its a good thing. Personally the thing is feckin harmless. These blanket bans are mad. It comes down to bad management of the computer labs. Surely the people supervising are awake enough to know bebo isnt exactly course work!

Back and Chest Waxes were just some of what we gave away last night, compliments of the Vogue beauty clinic and theres even more to go tonight, including a full body massage!!!!!!

Ive come across a brainwave hack as well, something to do with playing various sounds into your head..maybe Ill do some experimenting and try it out on air tonight! Thats all I need now, hacking into peoples heads!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Failure to Launch screening

Who ever said camera phones handle the light well should be shot. Anyway, here is 1 pic from the Failure to Launch screening tonight. If you look carefully (and I mean carefully) you should be able to pick out at least 2 RedFM staff. It was very busy with people still spilling in as I was leaving. The Haribo made a welcome return and as of this moment, no one lost an eye...hang on the phone is ringing...maybe I spoke too soon!

Gemma from the Red Patrollers took some more pics with a decent camera, that handle the light so Ill stick em up as I get them!


More from my bebo whiteboard

Brand new "harder" Cork Talks Back quiz on my bebo page. Click View All on the quizzes section
Again, the hour nailed me this morning. Im really feeling it, for the first time ever! Im getting up at the same "old time" but at the new time. Either way its annoying me! I had a free gaf last night as Ger went off to see I-Keano and stayed in her parents place. So after a few hours of hookers and binge drinking myself and the dog hit the hay. Well the hookers and binge drinking maybe a lie. But the dog stayed in the bed last night, and I didnt roll over and kill him, nor did he piss on top of my head!

I got home for around 1 and settled down for an American Chopper double onslaught. Its the end of the fan bike series, thankfully. Some of these people were a bit annoying to be honest. They win there dream bike and its like "Oh yeah, sound" I want tears and jumping for joy and swearing and smashing things up..not "Oh yeah, sound" I take that in for an hour, and fire up the Xbox 360 to take on Far Cry Insticts Predator. Mess around for about an hour and look on in awe at the wonderful water effects. Other than that, Im not too impressed...just yet. Myself and Bilbo hop into the bed and settle down for the second episode of American Chopper. The dog falls asleep within minutes, and Im just waiting for it to be over!

Last night on the show, one caller claimed that she was fed up of looking for part time work because loads of foreign nationals are taking the jobs. She had been trying for nearly a year, and no joy. Alot of foreign nationals called into the show to give their views, which was great. Its brilliant to see we have such a wide and diverese audience. More people called in to tell me I was too hard on the girl because I said maybe she wasnt good enough to get hired. Lets face it, and I know from being in management, you dont hire somebody thats not good enough for the job. I do accept that some employers are exploiting foreign nationals over here. Some callers related tales of going into shops where the staff havent a word of English. Heres my question...If they dont have a word of English, how the f£$% did they do an interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also spoke to Pat O Shea (he was one of the cork legends on Des Bishops Joy in the Hood) about Corks newest comedy night that hes setting up. The popping of their cherry takes place in Qubiclo on Drawbridge St on Thursday night. €5 admission, €3 for a Student and €4 if you know a good Gynecologist!

Our Vogue Beauty Clinc (On Princess St) promotion continues tonight and this time theres some pretty cool prizes for the men. So ladies, you can be in with the chance of winning a back / chest wax for the love of your life! Some other cool prizes to go with this as well, but Ill keep them under my belt for the moment!

The Failure to Launch screening is on tonight at 7pm so make sure, if your going, you get there early. Im announcing as usual and tonight the Haribo are back. For anyone thats never been to a RedFM screening before where Im announcing, Ill be making it rain sweets. Not as impressive as it sounds, particualry if you get a packet into the eye! Again, we're not liable!

A few people were looking for me to set up a Cork Talks Back quiz on my bebo page
and so I did. Its the most simple quiz ever, yet people are getting poor results. One thing I was surprised by the number some people thought they used to ring into the show. I hammer the arse outta the numbers every night and again here they are...

To CALL in 1850 704 106
To TEXT in 086 8273336

Keeping with all things bebo, hopefully by the end of the week Ill be able to offer some small Cork Talks Back prize pack for the best whiteboard on me bebo page. Other than that, I have to go. See ya at the screening and talk to you on air from 9pm!

Oh yeah, brand new Cork Talks Back quiz 2 on the bebo page NOW!!!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

More from my bebo whiteboard

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter Xbox 360 Review

G.R.A.W. as its commonly known has been one of the more anticipated titles for the Xbox 360 since the console was relased back in December. G.R.A.W. is a squad based shooter taking place in either the 1st or 3rd person perspective! Personally, I feel the 3rd person is where its at. The detail alone on your player, who goes by the name of Scott Mitchell, is amazing. Ill get to the graphics in a minute! The general gist of the story is that you find yourself in Mexico city after Mexican rebels take over a summit. The Canadian president is after hitting the bucket and the US and Mexican prezzers are missing. You've guessed it, you and your squad are on a mission to find the Presidents in question.

The game opens with a selection of training missions which will give you a general understanding of the controls and the mechanics of the game! Theres quite alot of controls in the game, but after about an hour you'll be ordering your men around a tactical map and calling in air strikes. In G.R.A.W. not only do you control your team as to how they react in a situation, point out who to shoot at and where to go, you also get to control AC's, Tanks and Choppers. You get to order these when the game decides when is the right time. Its not as if you can call in a gunship for any old reason. Some levels have you holding tough until you get a message over the radio calling for you to point out some targets. Then the gunship arrives and kicks some serious backside, while you and your men run for cover! Other levels have you controlling an armoured car, which will happily go forward or backwards blowing things up, while offering a nice spot for you and your squad to get some cover. Parts of the game also allow you to ride in the Choppers holding on to a big machine gun, shooting at anything that moves! This happens early on in the game and its then do you appreciate how wide and vast the landscape is. Buildings of all shapes and sizes are as far as the eye can see, all shimmering away in the hot Mexican sunshine. The graphics are superb through out. On the top left of the screen you can see the various views from your team, chopper or whatever else your controlling. Things explode with debris, smoke and flames. Lights shimmer in the distance, choppers fly over head. Some of the graphics really have to be seen to be believed. The audio is equally impressive. Your squad scream and shout and say "Thanks" when you administer some medical attention to a wounded comrade! Buildings and vehicles make very convincing bangs and your array of weapons make all the right sounds!

This is a very ambitious game, and UBISOFT have almost pulled it off. The game does have its faults though, mainly in various bugs. The first bug I came across was during the training, not 20 minutes into the game. It was a simple task, to move your squad to a point on the tactical map. No matter how many times I moved them to the exact spot, the game would not let me exit the map. I had to restart to pass the training point. Another bug I found was the level where your trying to get the Mexican president to an extraction point. After a long and hard gun battle, the chopper flys in and we make for the extraction point. Nothing happens. Again a restart fixes the problem. I wouldnt have minded so much except I found the level fairly difficult! Bugs aside, the single player game is a really immersive gaming experience. I found myself running through a hail of bullets to get some medical aid to one of my fallen squad. A game that makes you care! Says it all really.

16 player multiplayer on Xbox Live is also part of the package. This consists of your regular death and team matches. Capture the terriority etc. and you take on the campaign mode as well with various levels where its up to 16 Live players all in one big squad. Again the graphics are really amazing here, particuarly on the Fishing villiage and Rocky Cove levels. The water effects alone are serious eye candy!
Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is one of the few titles to give the power of the Xbox 360 a half decent workout. It looks great, sounds great and plays great and the Xbox Live experience is great fun. Check it out. 9/10
Another miserable Monday, weather wise anyway. The weather over the last few days hasnt been the best and I got drenched over the weekend! Busy show last night. We kicked off a brand new promotion last night, which is running for the week. We've teamed up with Vogue beauty clinic on Princess St. and have tonnes of goodies up for grabs, for the hers and the hims including brazilians and chest / back waxes!

Looks like the weekends have gone back to going like lightspeed again. The hour caught me, and Im still feeling it, even this morning! I had my parents over on Friday afternoon for a while and Saturday was a really late riser! We took a wander around Mahon Point on Saturday evening, take christ for the "short cut" around the B&Q roundabout, otherwise we'd still be stuck in traffic. Well its not a shortcut per se, more of a strategic move through the traffic! We "decided" we'd go to B&Q instead of Mahon Point SC, but when we got to the roundabout in B&Q we "changed" our mind. The lights at the entrance provide a smooth entrance into MP! At the time there seem to be plenty of other people "changing" their mind as well! Ended up in Bennigans for something to eat after braving the hundreds of people all running round for mother days pressies. Its nice to see the service has improved in Bennigans! No more half hour waits for a starter etc.etc.etc.etc.

I got home last night for around one and settle down in front of Rescue Me. Another TV show that I missed first time round, and its proving addictive. Speaking of TV I caught about 2 minutes of the new Jigs N Reels show thing before I left for the show last night! This wouldnt be my kinda thing, even if they were irish dancing naked. It must be quite bizarre for George Hook though. Going from his radio show, to rugby punditry to " should be bending your knees a bit more and I didnt like your backstep there". Maybe Im just jealous!

Hopefully in the next 24-48 hours (!) I should have a review up of Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter on the Xbox 360 up here. Ive been putting in a few hours over the weekend and its pretty cool!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Some more pics left on my bebo whiteboard

Friday, March 24, 2006

Im sticking these up on the bebo page, so I said why not fire em up here too. These are from my days doin 3d animation and film etc.! all using Lightwave 3D. The Whos on Top now Punk? one was featured in a full page spread in the international 3D World Magazine! Todays update down below as well!

A section of our own Air Studio

The joys of the Southlink, Roll on that Flyover

As I usually start a Friday blog, another week goes by! Above, 2 random pics from my phone. Great show (again! modesty) last night! Lots of concerned people about the Wedding Dress Store, although the solicitor representing them gave plenty of reassurances that all the brides to be will be ok! Some brides to be came on last night and they all made the same point "Why havent we got any phone calls". As any one with half a brain will tell you, a business doesnt go bust over night. Ive seen it happen a few years ago and the writings on the wall for some time. Either way, there seems to be a genuine drive to sort out the would be brides! Hopefully everyone will make it down the aisle! Relationships and suchlike are always a popular topic on the show. Jenny Rodgers from The Irish Examiner was on last night recounting her tales of the various forms of dating, from dating agencys to dating weekends away. €500 for a dating agency, and you get 3 calls from other singletons. €1500 is the price in Dublin. This knocked me for six, I know desperate times call for desperate mesaures but for that kind of mone, you'd probably get better satisfaction in a strip club. Which might be a bit harsh I hear some of you think to yourself, but I really dont think you can buy true love. You'll find it when your not looking for it. Think about it, go out planning to get your hole and most of the time the only thing you'll get close to is scratching your hole. Dont go looking for it and you end up buying new bed springs! I remember a couple of years ago being inside Nite Owls (thats now gone) and the same group of guys would do laps of the club, week after week. Maybe they were training for a marathon or something, but I never saw them pick up anyone. The whole place would stare at em. Funny shit!

The bebo stuff is off the chart all together. It must be overtaking the myspace scene. There more or less the same, but bebo is kinda like the puppets on Sesame St, everyone loves em young and old. Myspace is like the adults on Sesame St. serious, funny at times but not for everyone! Welcome to the worlds worst analagy. I spent a fair bit last night, after the show, replying to lots of bebo messages. Once again, the bebo page is linked on the right of the screen or just go to

When I finally leave, the rain is coming down like theres a pissing contest in heaven! I contemplate for about 30 seconds, town or home. Home wins and I get in after one. By 3am Im being pinned down by some serious bad ass mo fos. Bullets are whizzing by my head. I start lobbing a few smoke grenades to cause a distraction, but it doesnt help. The feckers are still coming. Then an armoured car ploughs into the place and all hell is breaking loose. I get a message on the radio, that air support is on the way, but it cant arrive fast enough. Finally a chopper comes in and radios for me to point out the targets. The big Armoured Car and those fuckin tanks Im yellin!. After more bullets and explosions, I finally get the Mexican president to an extraction zone, but a bug in the game means I have to do the whole thing again! Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter is something else, bar the bugs! I get into bed for around 415am and Im still awake at 5! Most be the flashbacks from the firefight!

As they say in Jarhead "Welcome to the Suck" and so it is. Im off back to the suck now so have a good weekend, and drop by the blog and the bebo page over Saturday and Sunday, ya never know theres probably gonna be some more updating!

Nice wan for reading and an even nicer wan for listening

- V

From Bebo

Jennie from Bebo came up with this rather good likeness (minus the hair on me face) on the whiteboard on Bebo :) Anyone else have a go for the crack and Ill stick em up here!

Nitey Nite!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last one of the week

RedFM Blogs

I cant believe how fast this week has gone. We're all gone blogging mad, so make sure you check out the links at the side for some serious RedFM Bloggin action! Who knows what you'll find out. Some of it may even make you cry! Absolutley savage show last night, if I do say so myself. Up the walls busy!

One of the topics was "Does TV encourage teens to have underage sex". Personally I dont buy into it. If theres something dodgy on after 9pm and some 12 year old is watching it, then its the parents fault. Its as simple as that! Its the exact same as the idiotic parents who allow there 12 year olds to watch an 18s flick. I do accept that some 18s flicks are nothing but violence and bad language, but theres a reason that little Johnny wont be let into an 18s movie at the flick house.When I was growing up I used to have a TV in my bedroom, which was set up for the southcoast tv thing! Anytime there was anything dodgy, one of the parents were out to the room wondering what I was watching. So any filth watching for the night was abandoned. As most of you will agree, the male of the species are horny period! Sure there was nights that I probably escaped with getting to see a pair of boobs on the TV, but I never decided "Right Im off out to have sex" One thing that did stick in my mind was a documentary about AIDS! That planted the whole "protect yourself before you wreck yourself" attitude in me little brain. It worked. Never had an STI! Teenagers are naturally curious, christ we all were and it really grind my gears when I hear parents avoiding the birds and the bees talk! Armed with a bit of knowledge teenagers are sorted! Maybe some parents are living in the land where babies are delivered by storks!

One of our callers on Tuesday night was invited out to try a blind food test last night. Basically she would only shop in Marks and Sparks and had, as far as I was concerned a certain snobby air about her. Well she arrived last night, and we fed her. Olives, Bread, Ceral, Coffee and Crackers. Everyday food. Admittingly it was a bit bizarre staring at someones face while they ate and ate. She thought all the items had either been purchased from The English Market or Marks. Risteard arrived in with 2 lots of reciepts, and its a pity we're not on the TV because the look on her face was priceless. Everything she ate and drank had been from Lidl and Aldi. The amount of texts that came in were huge. As one listener txt in "The nile isnt just a river in Egypt"

Last night in between everything else I managed to play 2 tracks off GMC's new album "Diggin a Hole". The plan is to play 1 or 2 more this evening. Its been on in the car for the last few days and its really rockin stuff. Great to see another Cork guy enter into the legends of Cork music!

My copy of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360 arrived yesterday. I havent had a great deal of time to get into it, but first impressions are Wow. Its hard but really immersive! Hopefully over the weekend Ill squeeze in some serious Recon action! The Blazing Angels demo has also gone up on Xbox Live and its a 600mb+ download but its worth it. Really playable!

Nice wan for dropping by

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

2 Pics from last night. Unfortunately my battery was dead in the cinema, so no pics of the crowds, sorry! Next Tuesday night, for the Failure to Launch screening Ill have a full charge! Great crowd at the Inside Man screening though, and they all got a shiny RedFM mug to assist in their beverage (hot or cold) consumption.

Huge reaction to our Aqua Spa Kids to Mother Pamper Package giveaway last night. Its back again tonight and Thursday. The prize consists of a Balneotherapy bath and an Elemis Taster Facial. The Balneotherapy bath has 240 jets. I dont know how big it is, but 240 jets!!!!!

It was a really busy show last night with one caller in particular almost boasting about spending 250 a week on weekly shop in M&S! She wouldnt venture into any of the other stores, because she liked her quality. Hopefully on Thursday night she'll be in studio, and just for the crack we will have a blind food test! Its only when you move out of your Mammys home that you appreciate how difficult a weekly shop is. Im probably the worst person in the world when it comes to doing it. Im a real impulse buyer and throw more shite into the shopping trolley than is needed. It is hard to decide "What'll we have for dinner next Thursday" especially when its a Friday. We've tried it the weekly way, the daily way, the bi weekly way and none of them work. Why is the whole food shopping thing so difficult, maybe its just me! The times Ger goes shopping on her own its around €60 cheaper than if I go with her! Says it all really.

Thats about it for now, Ill try and squeeze in another update later this evening! Im running off to a meeting now!

Alright, Im driving to it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Just a real quickie. Just came across the latest trailer for the Da Vinci Code. Check it out here
Not being a good 12 hours technically. More PC issues and this morning, the phone lines were dead. Fair enough, problems happen. Ireland would be regarded has having one of the finer telecommunications systems in the world, but there is an exception. When you ring Eircom you get to talk to a machine, and it reads out a list of options, followed by more options, followed by even more options...slight pause...and then even more options! All the time your roaring Yes, No and the odd Feck sake like. Its really a clever system, it even asked me for my phone number and then went off and done a line test. During the line test, it spoke again and I got more options. At this stage, I was actually mildly excited in anticipation of the line test results. Then, I get put through to an operator, who explains the network in the area is shot and that was the end of the conversation! Im still waiting for the machine to tell me the results of the line test! Maybe they'll come with the next bill!

Failure to Launch is the latest rom com to hit these shores when it opens Nationwide on Friday week! Every night this week on the show we have some pairs of tickets up for grabs for our special preview screening next Tuesday night at the Gate cinema.
The Inside Man screening is happening tonight as well. Yours truly will be there roraring and shouting. I also do believe that the Haribo are back!!!!! Ill take a few pics for the blog as well!Speaking of giveaways Ive just got an email about another giveaway for the remainder of the week. Lets just say we might have the best ever Mothers day present ever!

One of the topics on the show last night was creches in the city and county. A report in the Examiner yesterday didnt instill any confidence in me and after hearing what some callers had to say last night I dont think Id be landing a child in a creche anytime soon..thats if I had a child of course! 4 year olds with black eyes, no hygene, slaps. This is a creche, not a prisoner of war camp. Thats the impression I got of at least one creche last night. You would think for paying some serious bobs for childcare that you would actually get value for money, not your 4 year old coming home with a shiner. One caller told how her daughter hated going, and would cry at the thought of going in! Its a creche, not a school. I think we all bawled at the thought of going into school at some stage, feck it, some of us were still crying in sixth year!

On a different note, for any of you Xbox 360 owners theres a demo of the latest Burnout game on Xbox Live. I was a big fan of the original games, but this is no more next generation than bird growing robotic wings. If you've absolutely nothing else to do have a nose off it, but to be honest its much the same as before. By the end of the week I should also have put Ghost Recon 3 Advanced War Fighter through its paces on the 360, so keep your eyes open for a review on here and the show!

Thats about it for now, Im a bit behind due to the phone line problem. Check the show out later on from 9pm on Corks RedFM 104-106, or click the listen to live button! See ya at the sreening!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Another weekend over with, but probably the biggest weekend of the year. According to our text poll last night, 55% of you rang in sick to work this morning. Shame on you all! I would think of all the 52 Mondays in the year, this is probably the worst one you could pick for a sickie! Im not sure who bad or good Patricks weekend was, but if Shane McGowan was anything to go by on the Late Late, then you can draw your own conclusion. Shane looked well; but there was a certain Marilyn Manson look about him, which frightened me to be honest! Im surprised that the whole Late Late set didnt explode or go up in flames. The "lemonade" Shane was holding, seemed to have a life of its own. It was constantly climbing out of the glass and hurling itself onto the floor.

My own Paddys weekend wasnt bad. I didnt hit the city on Friday night, becasue it was absolutely bonkers. Maybe its my "old" age, but my days of queing for 40 minutes, paying 5 times over the odds for a drink and to have some drunk clown spill it before its drank...are over!!!! That said, I didnt watch the Late Late at all. It came on by accident..apparently! I did hear that Brendan Gleeson tore the government a new asshole and then proceeded to tear another one out of that. In between movies, maybe he could run the country! A few weeks a year is all thats needed..apparently

Thursday night, as I mentioned on the show last night, knocked me for six. Not only was it nipple hardening, it was one of the coldest nights Ive felt for some time! But what shocked me, was the amount of women around town...wearing absolutely nothing. All this was well and good for the hot blooded gentleman, but ladies dya not feel the cold! Somebody pointed out last night, that all women want to do is look nice. I dont know, wear next to nothing in freezing conditions and spend a week with the flu. As Risteard pointed out last night, maybe it was a desperate act to grab the attention of the passing droves of men, who would decide "Ah love you must be cold, take me coat". That didnt happen either from what I could see. Most of the fellas out on Thursday night obviously didnt hear of the coat idea either. Like a migrating herd of Wildebeest, the paraded through Pana all wearing the exact same rigout. I guess if theres a scatter, culprits are less likely to be arrested, due to the similar look. Short check shirt (Ben Sherman possible), jeans and either tan or black shoes. There must be a uniform shop in each suburb, where all the lads go every night to "dress up"

Lots of people emailing and texting about bebo and myspace. As I said Im a blogger, not a spacer. Please feel free to add me to your myspace or bebo accounts! Remember though, all the gossip happens on this page though!


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hopefully the blog people have got the ongoing problems sorted. Just my luck to be stuck on the server with the issues!

Friday, March 17, 2006

As Promised

A couple of photos from today. Stayed local and didnt even stick around for the parade in Cobh, too feckin cold!

Lots of people running around the place in green (not that you can tell from the photos) and if you look carefully at one of the shots, you can see the tail of Barney. Obviously alot warmer than the rest of us! Thats about it for now, hopefully you all will survive whats left of tonight, provided you havent been sent home in a cab!

On a final note, I know the blog has been on and off over the last few days. Again this is the blogger folks doing some work, so touch wood, its all A-Ok again!!!!!

Have a good one!
Late ‘N Live Top 5 things St. Patrick would say tomorrow if he were alive today (160306)

5 – Have they changed the drinking age limit to 12?

4 – What dya mean I need ID to get in

3 – In my day, it was impossible to buy a breast n a bun

2 – Look out, Snake…gotcha!

1 – Id give anything for a pint that isnt green

Have a great Paticks Weekend folks. Ill hopefully be blogging over the weekend with soem photos and the likes! Keep it real ;)

- V

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Looks like tis starting to snow. It'll make a change from the rain for Paddys Day. Today has been a really long day. Nothings going right! Ive spent 3 hours hauling through DVDs for stuff for the Fan Attack tomorrow. My problem is I get caught up in the movie and start watching it. Most clips are only a few seconds long, but I seem to take an hour to get each one! No one said twas easy.

Even more coverage of the Pyramid schemes last night, this time they're in schools! Everyone seems to have caught the pyramid infection, even those in secondary school. No doubt it'll reach the Montessori's next. Toddlers will be buying into pyramid schemes with liga and maloopa!

There seems to lots of folks reading the blog recently, so thanks for dropping by. Today I managed to add a Listen Live button to the right side bar. Just click it, and you can listen to RedFM Online!!!! Speaking of blogs, it was only yesterday I realised that I read a fair few of em everyday, from motoring to video games and everything else in between! I came across a handy newsreader called Omea Reader. It keeps everything in one spot and its straight forward to use. Might be of use to any of you multi blog readers!

All the press are covering the PS3 launch and the delays that go with it. Personally speaking, Im not too pushed about it to be honest. Some technical jargon heads have said the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are more or less identical hardware wise! Apparently to get best out of the PS3 its proving rather difficult. Ive been playing video games and using computers since I was 5 and its the games that sort this kinda thing out, not the hardware. Over the next few weeks Im also going to be adding the occasional video game review on the blog, so all you gamers beware!

In 24 hours time, some people will be pissing, puking and farting all at the same time as they find there second wind for Patricks Day. Theres tonnes of stuff going on for the Cork St.Patricks Festival. Check out the official site here. I came across this photo today of the Chicago River.

Only in America, we have our own green rivers here. No dyes or anything. There just naturally green! Im not sure what Im doing for Paddys weekend yet. Ill probably take a wander around town tonight and maybe tomorrow!

On a different note, I just saw Kate Moss wandering around the garden. Bizarre you might ask, but at least I know its still snowing! Terrible joke, its a fine line this humour business. Apolgies again!

Tonight on the show, we're more than likely going to take a run around the world visiting Irish pubs on the way. We normally do this and in past Paddys shows we've gone from China to New York and back again! Thats it for now, Ill get some more blogging done later....possibly. Im off to stare at the snow and wonder why it isnt sticking to the ground. Laters!
The blogger people seemed to have fixed what ever needed fixing. Normal service is resumed!

Late N Live Top 5 annoying things about Jury Duty 150306

5 – Other members turn up for tea and biscuits, you turn up for day off work

4 – No matter how many times you ask, the judge will never let you have a go off his wig

3 – Theres always some clown who doesn’t agree with the rest of you and your there for
5 extra hours!

2 – Chances are the person on trial will serve less time than you

1 – You never get to meet Matlock

A PROFESSIONAL David Beckham lookalike is on the game – offering sex for £500 a time. 500 quid to score with a Beckham lookalike…God, if u were half decent looking u could score with the real thing for free

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There seems to be some technical glitches at the moment! This is the blogger peoples fault. So bear with the blog.
Last night I started the show with a quick, but startling piece of information. In case you missed it (shame on you) it wasnt something as groundbreaking as getting the figs out of the figroll with a shovel. Nor was it as astounding as being able to get a monkey out of a tree with a paper airplane. It wasnt even an answer to lifes oldest mystery, who came up with the name Breast In a Bun! It was something far more powerful, and something that could well change your life...possibly.

Last night on the show, in true Uri Gellar style I spoke of my ability to stop time. I had tried it out minutes before going on air and to my own shock and awe it worked. I wont confuse people anymore with my blabbering about it, but check out here and have a go for yourself. While its not as exciting as hurtling down the road in a Delorean at 88mph its still a riveting experience....possibly. Have a go though. Lots of people were kind enough to text in last night and say it worked. Some people even thought I was pulling the piss! Well in the secrets of your dark and musty computer rooms, have a lash at it!

The pyramid schemes gripping Cork, came up on the show again last night. One caller in particular was extremley convincing about how sucessfull they are. He was in his third scheme and was cleaning up. Convincing, yes but in the words of Jerry Maguire "Show me the money!". Other callers; just thought the whole thing was immoral but for every immoral caller there was somebody else willing to (as one caller put it) shit on someone else, for money. At the end of the day, Id prefer to throw the money into a casino in Vegas. Some might say the odds are better, and as an added bonus if you lose no one will arrive at your door in the middle of the night after tearing the bonnet from your car, and carefully putting it through your living room window!

Somebody sent me a link to this "item" yesterday evening. Yes, it is what you think it is. A mouse in a skirt! How sad is that. No doubt, they'll sell by the bucket load! Maybe it'll take cyber sex to a whole new level. Im sure the conversations would be along the lines of
Yeah baby, Im putting my hand up your skirt, and I feel something..small, hard and with a cable hanging out the back. Hang on, thats my mouse...sorry! And NO! I havent ordered one, Ill wait for the Vera Wang version.

As some of you may know, my long suffering producer, Risteard has gotten a cold over the last few days. Well now yours truly has it as well. Between the 2 of us, we've more or less being dying slowly, since the start of the year! I've had so many colds since Januray and Im actually getting quite acustomed to them. If I go a week or 2 without one, I feel a bit down and lonely. If Im "lucky" to get one, its like the prodigal son returning home....or something!

Anyways, I have to run off..ok....ok..ok Ill be walking and driving, to a meeting....

Late N Live Top 5 things Willie O Dea will be doing while in charge of the country (140306)
5 – Dart board with a picture of the Ceann Comhairle put up in Taoiseach’s office

4 – Think up of strategy to catch that 6 foot Arab with the dialysis machine

3 – Wander around the Dail in a pair of camouflage boxers

2 – Spend an extra 15 minutes a day moustache grooming

1 – Making sure he’s only going to shoot blanks

Camilla and Prince Charles saw one expert chop a melon with his blade at a Sikh temple in West London for Commonwealth Day. All was well until someone informed Camilla that she was in the wrong place, and that Chelthnam does start until tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pyramid Schemes, Hookers, Drugs and some nice giveaways amongst other things from 9pm this evening!

The drool is still running down my chin. A Ford dealer in Tallaght, Dublin had a Ford GT for sale. Its been bought, according to the Irish Indo! Its on display for the week up there, and part of me is nearly daft enough to drive up and take a few pics! Ok, it ates the petrol like no tomorrow and you'd probably have to keep it locked up in a fort knox style complex. As I mentioned in an email to Eddie Cunningham in the Indo, Id saw off me legs and use planks of wood to use the accelerator, brake and clutch, just to get a spin off that GT.

Celebs are putting their names to everything these days, and it works, according to the callers last night. Niall Quinn is advertising some property development. Would you buy a gaf because Niall is advertising it? Exactly. None of the celebs give a shite about what they endorse. Its a big pay day. Im sure that Britney and the rest of em are still drinking their life time supply of Pepsi! They've even taken it to another level over the last few years. Any female celeb worth their salt (cough cough) has brought out a perfume. Take Britney for example. Has anyone seen her lately. Track suit bottoms hanging off her hole, baby in one arm, fag in another, driving an SUV with her knees and so on. Who wants to smell like that? Eau de Baby vomit. Lovely! Granted, some of the celeb endorsements are quite funny, particuarly the superbowl ads that happen once a year. The American Express ones with De Niro and the likes are really classy.
Do I think they work? Im the biggest clown for buying celebrity endorsed stuff. Jamie Olivers flava shaka thing. Bought it. Used it to smash up M&Ms. Good one! I have a fair share of Orange County Choppers stuff, given Im a big fan of American Chopper. Even yesterday, as I mentioned on the show last night, I was checking out FDNY t-shirts. Ok the money goes to a good cause, the tees are cool, but its Denis Learys show, Rescue Me that spurned me on to looking for this stuff! So yes, it does work! Some celebs have missed the boat though. There was a huge oppurtunity a few years back for Mick Lally to endorse some Glenroe wellys. Now theres a product! As a matter of fact I just (cough cough cough) "found" this ad. So they did exist!!
Brown Thomas Bombshell giveaway continues tonight as does our exclusive screening of Inside Man, which Ill be announcing (or roaring more likely) and throwing stuff at people. Check out the cork talks back page later on for some info on whats coming up on the show. If I get time, Ill update it on here too!
Its late, as a matter of fact Id imagine the Rooster crew are even contemplating getting up. Im still up, got home about an hour and a bit ago. Watched American Chopper and started trawling through a few mails! Lots of folks reading the blog lately, so nice wan for that. Keep dropping by. From here on in, the Top 5 will be back on here every day. Occasionally they'll be a liner or 2 that I write that may or may not be featured on the show!

Late ‘N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from someone making your breast in a bun (130306)

5 – My hands? Oh yeah, washed em last month

4 – Listen you’d never gimme the ass of it wud ya, Im starvin’

3 – You want it in a box? 10 euros please

2 – No sir, that’s not lettuce, it’s the cheese

1 – Hey We need some more mayo over here, lube it up!

BRITISH tourists maimed in terrorist attacks abroad have been refused Government compensation — and advised to sue OSAMA BIN LADEN. Not a bad idea, can you imagine the carry on in court. “Yes your honor, that’s the guy......with the dialysis machine”

Monday, March 13, 2006

Just a really quick update..Students and Would u buy something because a celeb endorses it! Brown Thoms goodies up for grabs and movie tickets amongst other stuff

Donut Burger

As most of you know, we're obsessed with food on the show! At least a few times a month Ill discover some mad food thing, that really should be on sale in its own exclusive store on Pana...this time there might be an exception!

Dont know if this would have any takers...maybe with a chips n curry!!!