Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The one with sitting on bums

One of the topics on the show last night, was the Defamation Bill and a particular part of it. Which part I hear you ask, if you were'nt listening. And if you were NOT listening, I hope there's a damn good excuse. Something along the lines of defending your family against a pack of savage lions, on horseback.

Either way, blasphemy has been suggested by Dermot Ahern to be cut and pasted into the Defamation act. But their own self admittence, it is very unlikely that prosecutions would be forth coming. The blashphemy "act" would also (If enacted) give the guards new powers to use reasonable force to enter a premises where they believe blasphemous material to be hiding out!

Scores of listeners were queuing up to get on planes leaving the country, last night. None seemed to be happy about it. And to be horsing out fines "not exceeding" 25 grand its bonkers. As per usual we'll all moan about this, and do sweet feck all. Which is the typical attitude of this country. Lets have a long oul moan about it! Down the pub, In the supermarket or even in, one of the handful of Zoo's we have. Moan, Moan, Moan. If this were France, the Eifel tower would be in the Seine by now!