Monday, May 30, 2005

What a fucker of day. Well things arent that bad. My copy of Be Cool arrived and as opposed to putting it on the shelf I decided to watch it. Most people will have a munch with a movie and I made some popcorn. As with most popcorn there are always some kernels left over. Well one of these little bastards knocked half of my tooth at the back of my mouth and Im beginning to get a lisp now. A visit is now in order for the dentist, who knows when though. Overall the movie wasnt bad, but Im in a real irritated state now. Fuckin popcorn!!!!

The next few additions to the fish tank will be made on Friday and Im off to Sin City on Thursday. Life wouldnt be too bad only for fuckin popcorn. So thats it, Im off to do the show. Hopefully tomorrow Ill be feeling a bit better.............fuckin popcorn