Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The one with Mel Gibson's new movie

F$%kin' awesome

The one with pancakes

Today is Feb 24th. The Bible; or somewhere, says we should all eat pancakes today. Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and yes, bloody dinner. What do they do in America? They eat pancakes there all the time. Even in the cinema, allegedly.

I make pancakes at home about once a month or every 6 weeks. Just for a change. Something different. And so on. Throw on some bacon and maple syrup. Drooool.And none of these bloody scrawny things. Yes, you know the ones your mother would cook. The ones that burn the skin off your lips. The ones that dont taste of anything. The ones that dont even resemble food so much that Nicole Richie would eat them. The only way to get anything out of em, is to lace them in sugar, chocolate and jam.  

But, while your sitting down to your 10th feed of sugar and lemon I'll still be belting the shit out of a few egg whites. Enjoy the pancake day, and remember it's illegal to eat them any other day of the year in Ireland.

The one with Watchmen

UK reviews are starting to trundle online. Have a peek...

A man in a beard told me it was very good and very violent. Which is always a good thing. Men with beards are great. Looking forward to the movie, but I'm wondering how many of the non-comic book fans will actually go to see the movie.

Somehow I cant imagine the local Celtic jersey wearing male and his tracksuit tucked into knock off Ugg boots oul doll, wanting to go see this. Maybe when he hears its full of violence they might, well he might. Just to get a few new moves for his own repertoire, when it comes to Saturday night on Patrick St. 

And twitter is getting Watchmen'd up as well. Check out the New Frontiersman on Twitter. 
Somehow dont think they same Celtic attire clad "lad" will be checking that out either. Unless of course he's there telling @Wossy to "Fuck off" or @Stephenfry "Fuck yourself". Then the subsequent conversations with the fake ugg boot wearer.
"So yeah, I told Stephen Fry to fuck himself"
"Yeah, and that fucker Jonathan Ross, I told him to Fuck off"
"Really, how'dcha do that babe?"
"On the Internet gurl. Ya know I'm good with the cumpooter"
"Thats amaaazzinnngg"
"Yeah, tis. How bout you get outta them Ugg boots"
"For fuck sake, they're not Uggs. They be the cheap wans, called Bluggs"
"Era whatever, let us fuck!"
"Dont fall asleep this time willaaahh"

And so on and so forth.