Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No update yesterday due to some technical glitch on the blog..honestly! Some other people complaining of similiar mishaps!

The show was jammed solid last night and in particular our Monday night Psychic, Ray Sette
had our switchboard absolutely jammed with callers. Normally by midnight we have a couple of people left over who didnt get on air. We move them back to the next segment, but last night was an exception. I got through as many people as possible but we still had quite a number of callers waiting in the wings. So much so, that Ray is back on Wednesday night!

Somebody somewhere has set up a bebo account in my name. Unfortunately its infringes on copyright and has to be removed as the person almost pertains to be me. If anybody has got any emails, PMs or anything from the bebo user VicTheBrick, then please ignore it. Its not from me. My official bebo page is here
Hopefully over the next few days Ill get another quiz up there!
Speaking of a few days, well its longer than a few days, my 30th Bday is coming up in the middle of May. I was only thinking the other day, tis hard to believe Im hitting 30. If you had asked me 20 years ago, what would I be doing now..it certainly wouldnt have been writing a blog. Tis funny how life turns out!

Any regular readers will know that a few weeks back, maybe a few months back I started on a little health kick. Even more regular readers will know, I decided that this wasnt a good thing and kicked it to the kerb! So back came the shit food and all that goes with it! Im contemplating going back on it again, as Im sure one day my heart will go..

"Hey muthafucker...Im done here..see ya on the other side!"

Anyway, tis lunchtime now! Laters.
Ah, the blog is back online! Full update later.