Monday, January 21, 2008

The one with a little Sweeney

I'm not a big fan of tomatoes. The big red things. Cant stand them. Have eaten them once , a few years back in a bizarre set of circumstances. Theres nothing worse than being in a cheap chipper, where they put whole chunks of the red bastards on everything. Even though you insist on no tomato, you still get it, green bits and all. That said, I consume ketchup by the litre, which is quite ironic. Like the previously mentioned red bastards, I cant stand musicals. I've never sat through an entire musical and anytime theres even a hint of one on the TV, I'm gone. The thought of people singing on screen, for the duration of a movie makes me want to vomit into a bucket. I was quite aware that Sweeney Todd - The Demon barber of Fleet Street, was a full blown musical.

Having spotted the trailer, for Mr.Depps latest flick ages ago, I was hooked. There was no real sings of singing in the trailers. I actually thought, in his madness, Tim Burton had decided to go the non musical route or at least have feck all singing in it. So I arrived in Mahon Point, with she who must be obeyed, on Saturday night after decided AGAINST Alien Vs Predator : Requiem. Within the first 20 minutes, I wanted to leave the cinema. As good as the whole thing looked, I couldn't stand the singing. 20 long minutes went past, with Johnny Depp blasting em out as well as the rest of the case. I'm surprised the dogs on the street weren't singing as well. I haven't walked out a movie in years. 30 minutes went by and only for there was a couple next to us, I was on the verge of grabbing Ger, and leaving. It wasn't exactly full, so no doubt there would have been a long walk of shame to get out. I had composed some bizarre plan that we leave on our own. In my own mind, this would look like we went to the toilets or whatever. But no, I didn't execute any of my little plans. We stayed. 40 minutes into Sweeney, I finally got my brain accustomed to the singing. Remember, previous to this, I was begging and pleading for at least 10 minutes of dialogue with no singing. Them came the gore. And more gore. When they were finished with those lots of gore, they gave us even more gore. Between the gore and the singing I really enjoyed the movie. Its quite a demented flick. And in truth, I really enjoy a demented flick!

If you can tolerate the singing, or like me, acclimatise yourself to it then you'll have blast! Just don't have a queasy stomach!

I still hate tomatoes!!!