Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The one with screenshots

From Halo 3's Theater mode!

The one with a little gun violence!

Finally, just literally as I finished typing the title an alarm thats being going off in the neighborhood (sounds better than estate, doesn't it, creating the illusion that I live in a Beverly hills style place) has being shut off. This time woke me up hours ago and hasn't stopped going at until now. Its obviously not connected to the guards cos none of them turned up. The alarm is only nailed onto the side of the house to get the extra €25, off the house insurance policy! If I had a shotgun in the house and given the cranky, woken up by a stupid fuckin' alarm mood I'm in, I would have casually strolled over and blew the thing off the wall! While that might sound like a good plan, chances are I wouldn't be in to do the show tonight! So probably not the best idea!

Well the moment, lots of you have been waiting for is here. You finally got laid...hang on..sorry Halo 3 is out, since midnight. There seemed to be plenty of buzz around town and the county last night as many shops including Gamestop and Game opened at midnight. I even took on a couple of listeners last night, after I got home from the show! Having organized some of the very first midnight launches in Cork, many moons ago, the worst thing about them is getting the product and facing the looooonnnnnng drive home.

Anyway, thats my lot for today. Will be keeping you posted, here, regarding the Halo 3 giveaway goodness, hopefully later on! Thats it, I'm off to put some clothes on!!!