Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Looks like some of the family have been dropping by the blog. Big up the down under crew.

Lots of people were having a go off each other (not that way, dirty fecker) on air last night, all about pornography. It made for entertaining listening, but there was very little female listener participation. Looks like the statistics were true then!

What a disaster on the way home last night. The car is leaking or was just low on coolant so I had to stop every 15 mins to let her cool down. I don my mechanic outfit this morning and fill her up with 2 litres and not a leak in site...so far. Other than that I get home from the show early last night, around 12:55. I set up some Pitta in the toaster, and watch The Coronation Street wedding on Sky +. It keeps me interested till the Toaster pops. Corrie keeps me there till the cliff hanger NOOOOOO and then thats it. Im on the net checking email and having another round of online poker (which reminds me :) ) and hit the bed at around 3.

Thats it for now, Im not feeling very bloggy today. I need to jump in the shower and have a shave, because at this stage I look like Grizzly Adams.