Friday, September 28, 2007

The one with Game!!

This Saturday from 12pm a, as MS call it, Game with Fame! Just add vicbarry to your Xbox Live friends list and from 12pm on Saturday Ill be inviting people at random for an oul bit of a kick shit! Bring your anti grav devices!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The one with nakedness

57% of listeners to last nights show, listened to it absolutely arse starkers naked! While I appreciate this was in the 11 hour and many would be settling down for a bit of sleep, sex or DIY its kind of weirdly erotic, to me anyway. What follows is a selection of texters.

Vic, true story my girlfriend hoovers and washes d floors every nit naked just b4 she goes to bed. One nit i was out and brought friends home what a surprise!”

“Hi victor just went outside to put rubbish in my rubbish and one of my nabours saw me in the nude and said would u cover yourself up”

“Hey vic its gary totaly naked and buckled at d bck of d bus on d way bck 4m d ploughing match on d bus back to skibb”

Hey Vic, i m lyin in bed naked and my babe puttin on fake tan, naked. Guess who s cold ? Lmao. Aido

Im puking a slitor off a wall in the backgarden naked. Just out of the shower nd decided 2 puck around butt naked. Eoin from bandon.

Hey vic daniel here, im on a bus home from da ploughin championship and im balls naked... Its fun...

Vic i am jst after stripin down 2 th nip jst as u said while i am drivin a tractor after long sweaty day a frm michael in kilmichael

Allegedly, there were 37 males and females also on the way back from the earth churning championships as well. And yes, they were naked. I dont know about anyone else but Im heading to the ploughing championships next year! That said, I dont have any proof of the nakedness of listeners. But I may be willing to call to a few houses after the show is over, just to make sure. After all, no one likes liars!

An honary mention must go to the guy who was kind enough to inform us that he was "pulling the guts out of himself" while listening in!

From a personal point of view, Ive never presented the show naked. I do pick the mail up naked, from behind the front door although at times its made me wonder, why didnt we ever get blinds for the panes of glass, each side of the door! Im sure the neighbours and passers by have wondered the same. Painting and decorating, for me, has to be done almost naked. Pair of boxers and thats it. After all I dont want to painting captain winky a nice shade of peach or anything.

I did come up with a brainwave after all the nakedness last night. A Mr.&Mrs Nude Cork Talks Back. Im not sure of the legalities of the whole thing and to be frank, you dont have to be a lawyer to work em out!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The one with screenshots

From Halo 3's Theater mode!

The one with a little gun violence!

Finally, just literally as I finished typing the title an alarm thats being going off in the neighborhood (sounds better than estate, doesn't it, creating the illusion that I live in a Beverly hills style place) has being shut off. This time woke me up hours ago and hasn't stopped going at until now. Its obviously not connected to the guards cos none of them turned up. The alarm is only nailed onto the side of the house to get the extra €25, off the house insurance policy! If I had a shotgun in the house and given the cranky, woken up by a stupid fuckin' alarm mood I'm in, I would have casually strolled over and blew the thing off the wall! While that might sound like a good plan, chances are I wouldn't be in to do the show tonight! So probably not the best idea!

Well the moment, lots of you have been waiting for is here. You finally got laid...hang on..sorry Halo 3 is out, since midnight. There seemed to be plenty of buzz around town and the county last night as many shops including Gamestop and Game opened at midnight. I even took on a couple of listeners last night, after I got home from the show! Having organized some of the very first midnight launches in Cork, many moons ago, the worst thing about them is getting the product and facing the looooonnnnnng drive home.

Anyway, thats my lot for today. Will be keeping you posted, here, regarding the Halo 3 giveaway goodness, hopefully later on! Thats it, I'm off to put some clothes on!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The one with Post 600!!!!!! and some more Halo 3


Well, well......well! Ive finally made it to post 600! I had hoped to be announcing a Halo 3 special, ala my Gears of War special in post 600! Unfortunately, due to circumstances well and truly beyond my control thats not going to be happening! But, later on, on air I will be giving my, albeit brief, review of Halo 3 as I managed to get a copy from the nice people at Microsoft this afternoon! More importantly we will be giving away copies of Halo 3 during the week to boot, including the extremely rare Legendary edition!!!!!

Also, keeping with all things Halo, Ill be partaking in a "Game with Fame" on Saturday afternoon. Incidently, those of you who manage to pick up Halo 3 tonight can also catch me online from about 1am tonight / Wed morning!

So the fight is about to be finished!!!!!! Bring it on!

Monday, September 24, 2007

The one with post 599

1 away from 600 posts. I'm gonna keep post 600 for something special! It should hopefully happen tomorrow, well, post 600 will happen, but it remains to be seen whether it will contain something special or not!

Another weekend has gone by and its getting closer to stuffing some crap up a Turkeys arse. The only thing I managed to do over the weekend was have a copious amount of shite food and drink. The results of which I managed to fall asleep during a rather splendid Jimmy Carr doing stand up. Sunday was spent catching up on American Chopper and evading vast queues of traffic attempting to see Little Islands one night attraction. Basically a building up in serious flames!

Some of you have been in touch since last night wondering about the movie that reduced me to a blubbering mess. Well heres a link on amazon
No doubt Ive mentioned it on here in the past, but if you STILL havent seen it go out and hunt it down. Its an amazing piece of celluloid!

Tomorrow, we may well be finishing the fight!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The one with a giveaway

In between everything else tonight, Ill also be hooking up some Xbox 360 owners with copies of Stuntman Ignition and for those of you who dont win, Ill also be dishing out 10 demos of Stuntman Ignition!

The one with even more Halo 3

Create your own Halo 3 masterpiece here.

Other than that, all is quiet. Oh yeah, I almost forgot....

Imagine that being on top of ya, or behind ya or even in.....ya get the message!
Its Britney Bitch is right!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The one about , well read the damn thing and see

Tempers are a terrible thing, my one in particular isnt great. Well, when it comes to computers I dont actually have a temper, its more a rage. Another weekend, another keyboard. Ive been meaning to buy a new PC for ages now, but if truth be told Im too tight with money. Id much rather be buying useless shite off Ebay and other places as opposed to making a sound technological investment. Either way the PC ground to a halt over the weekend and unfortunately the keyboard was the one that got murdered. The sad thing is the keyboard was innocent. Just another case of PC rage!

Other than the keyboard getting assaulted, we had a great night in Club Light in Mallow as Im sure you can tell from the pictures. Alas for now, that is the update for today. Im using an old keyboard which is clunk central and its fearing for its life!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The one from the weekend with school uniforms

A selection of pics from the Back To College 07 Bash @ Club Light in Mallow, with yours truly spinning toonage!!!

RIP Colin McRae

Friday, September 14, 2007

The one with a little more Halo 3

Just a quick heads up for all of you battling a constant stream of drool about Halo 3.
From 5pm today, head over to for the WORLD PREMIERE of the TV Ad.

That is all...

For Now......

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The one with a heads up

Our annual binge festival coverage starts tonight. Well....for some its a binge fest. We will be covering Junior Cert night 2007 live from the streets of Cork later on tonight, as Eimear wades into the madness again. Armed with nothing but a mobile phone and a decent left hook.

If you are heading out on a JC night, for feck sake, please take it handy and be careful!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

The one with Times Square

Came across a few oul holiday vids and have decided to bore y'all senseless

More to follow

The one with a little Pesci....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The one about size

Some of the following may be of an explicit nature and if your easily offended go back to the porn site you were looking at before here. Then again, it may not be. Im not sure as I havent written it yet.

Tuesday night there was a little (Here we go!) debate raging regarding the size of the male baby making machine. 67% of listeners voted in our text poll, stating size does indeed matter. Some callers even pointing out that the bigger the better. Which is all well and good, but how many of you out there fancy falling on something similar to an ESB pole. Maybe some do, but c'mon it cant be much fun if its tickling your lungs now, can it? Ever since men have been wandering around a prehistoric pana, they've been concerned about the size of their club, go with me on this one, who knows what they called it back then. In my humble opinion, the people who they are showing it to, be it male or female, are they issue. Most relationships start off in a nightclub. Then there's the obligatory trip to the cinema, which also involves meeting up outside Virgin or Argos. A few days later, plenty of fumbling goes on and then drinks. Its over the drinks that problems can start for the male. Most conversations go like this....

Male: "So, ah, fuck it, that was a fairly decent shag last night wasn't it?"
Female: "Oh yeah, twas amazing"

Man now thinks that his 90 seconds of shaking his arse on top of woman is the equivalent of Alexander the great thundering around Europe conquering as he went. So, the conversation continues...

M: "Really"
F: "Oh yeah"

Like an F-14 attempting to land on an aircraft carrier, he now gets the go ahead to lower the landing gear and touch down hoping to catch the wire that stops him from crashing into the ocean...

M:" So, I hope Im not too big for ya or anything" Laughs....
F: "Oh not at all"
M: "So how do I compare to.....ah...ya know...yer ex's like"
F: "Oh brilliant, way better"

Man now feels if Alexander the great crashed through the window on an elephant, he'd get up and kill the elephant with his bare hands and the continue to kick seven shades of shit out of Alexander.

M: "Yeah, yeah, but am I"
F: "Oh yeah, huge"

Man goes to bar, orders more drink before trudging off to the jacks and talking to himself in the mirror, convincing himself that he's got a career in porn. While this is going on, theres a furious amount of texting going on in the female front.

Beep Beep: Hey girl, whats happnin
Not much, out with the fella I met last week

Beep Beep: So whats he like
Grand like, not a bother really

Beep Beep: So whats he really like, is he hung?
Stop it will ya

Beep Beep: Go on, whats it like
Dont talk to me will ya, its like a HB pencil after being broken in half

Beep Beep: Fuck sake girl, g'rid of him
Tell me about it!

Thats the problem right there. Men are being constantly told that their "lad" is gigantic and the best thing ever. The on occasion someone tells them its not, or more often than not they have to use a tweezers to get it out to go for a wee, and they know its tiny. Thats what causes insecurity amongst the men. For feck sake ladies and the gay readers stop telling the men of the world that their love truncheons are amazing, if there actually not!

In light of this argument going on air another one has come out of it. With many emailers, callers and texters giving out about the size of woman and their caverns of love. Too big, too small etc.etc. How many of the ladies out there have a complex about that. Watch this space!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The one with nothing

Nothing to see here, move along....move along!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The one with a little Halo 3

By all accounts, this is being done in Mammy Tussy's in London!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The one on a Sunday

Nothing but pictures....

Light, Mallow, Friday Night

Spot the plane