Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The one with fillings and other moanings

  • Firstly, Happy Halloween! Whats supposed to be happy about it, is beyond me!
  • On another note, theres an issue with the iTunes feed at the moment so if you want to download stuff, download it from here direct.
  • Ive managed to get a filling today and my mouth is still throbbing away as the drilling was very close to the nerve
  • Ive got a headache to boot
  • For now, that is all. Apologies to all for expecting more. Come back tomorrow for a decent update, unless my mouth decidest to explode between this and then.

Until 9pm tonight!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The one with something ya wanna download!

The Kevin Smith Interview is available on iTunes NOW, so subscribe (on the right side of screen, scroll down) and download to your hearts content. Trying to get this one into the charts!

Or just download it direct from here

Ideally download it from iTunes and if it charts there may well be free cheese for all!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The one with, well its Sunday afterall

Kevin Smith - 11.20pm but given my bad time keeping that may well turn into 11.30pm

In case your reading this on Monday, we're off on the bank holiday but will be running the Kevin Smith interview again as well as loads of other best bits from the show!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The one with a bulletin board

Over the years plenty of people have been onto me about setting about a bulletin board, so out of complete board-em today, here it is.

Click here and register. Then get posting!! What the f%^k are ya waiting for!

Im going to be on there on a very regular basis, so have fun!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The one with Vic Casts

Righto, I'll keep this one brief, as me dinner is ready :) Ive started putting up Vic Casts on iTunes. Subscribe by clicking the pic down on the right. Or by clicking here

The Vic Casts will feature everything from Late Night Interviews, debates from the show and just random musings from myself and whoever else might drop in!

The one with one

Im only posting this one unless millions want more.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The one with the obvious

Hello to all who have been pounding my inbox since yesterday evening. Lots of you have got excited regarding the Kevin Smith interview and you'll just have to hold tough till Sunday to hear the entire interview. I'm about to start producing it up today and tomorrow and it'll be ready to roll on Sunday night. Kevin was a dream (not in a gay way, I'm engaged!!!) to interview. Ive been a fan since Clerks all those years ago so it was a big highlight to chat to the man himself. The ould cliche of "Never meet your heroes" always comes to mind. I don't have many heroes and to be honest, if more peoples heroes had the attitude of Kevin Smith, the world might be a better place. Anyway, enough of the ass munching :) Sunday night, check it out and keep listening to Red for the promos!

The ongoing pain in the throat has been a major pain the ass over the last few days. Due to my self medicating degree Ive now decided its not a sore throat but more of a sinus infection. I'm full of flim which seems to have difficulty moving around and in my medical wisdom Ive decided its something to do with my Sinus. Next week, after a dose of decongestive tablets I'll finally give in and pay a visit to the doc!

Around 5.30 last night someone rang the station to find out was I announcing the Death at a funeral screening. I normally do announce the screenings but hadnt done so in a good few months. As this was a Cork Talks Back only screening I decided it was time to get back into gear and start announcing the screenings. But between all the stuff going on yesterday I completely forgot the whole thing until Eimear gave me the lowdown on the phone call. Our lovely Red Patrollers dropped me in and had a good oul bit of banter with the audience. I asked the mob if they had any questions and in between the "Are you single?" questions, some lady made the announcement that she was a big fan of sexually speaking with Anne Sexton on a Thursday night. The temptation to explore her comment even further crossed my mind, but these folks were here to see a flick and not start talking to some badly dressed pervert about their selection of battery operated love machines. Some other folks wanted to feel me up (whats wrong you people, do you need glasses) and a few more threw out their opinions on Steve Staunton. With that a barrage of free Haribo hit people full on, and we hit the exit.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The one with the announcment

Right, as promised the oul announcement. I wont bother beating around bushes, the man, the icon and the legend that is Kevin Smith WILL be on the show, UNCENSORED on Bank Holiday Sunday night.

The interview is in the bag and you do not want to miss it! Trust me on this one!!!!! Besides pimping out his new book, hear Kevin's take on the what would have been a great solution to the troubles that were in the North to Donkey Shows and everything else in between!

Pick the book up here

Monday, October 22, 2007

The one with........

No blog update in the usual sense today, but from around 5pm tomorrow, there should be a little announcement.....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The one with radio awards

Well done to Colm, KC and all involved with Brake The Cycle. All 3 pick up awards at the National PPI Radio Awards!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The one with Oh My God and Waaaatttevvvvaaa

The country has become too Americanized! Some listeners had that belief last night, while many others felt that its a good thing. Id be in agreement with the latter. Lets be blatantly honest about it. The Irish couldn't survive without an occasional Big Mac or Whopper now and again. Corkonians couldn't survive with out "French Fries" and curry. I would be in that category as well! If theres not a mouthfull of moo cow on a bun goes past my lips on a regularish basis, then I feel something is missing. Starbucks have recently started their assault on Irish soil. Theres more Starbucks in New York alone than anywhere else. And no doubt we'll have a similar situation here in a few years. But whats wrong with that? Nothing if you ask me. Isnt it all about choice!!!!! If we didnt have Hollywood churning out flicks on a regular basis, we'd all be going to the cinema to watch Michael Collins, Eat the Peach and The Van and one or two other flicks. If we didnt have McDonalds etc.etc. we'd still be eating cabbage water sandwiches. And if the porn industry in the states wasnt so big, then quite a number of single folk would still be buying bunches of flowers from Statoil, in the hopes that some lonesome sheep would finally put out!

Look at the internet, made in a hole in the ground by some English chap, wasnt it. Created for the sole purpose of contacting other like minded chaps about how many hairs on Hitlers hole or something, during the war. Then the Americans locked onto it and chances are YOU are reading this blog, using an America Operating System and an American company badged PC. Granted it may be made in an Industrial plant somewhere in the mid west, but its the dollar thats providing the work force with drinking money. One texter last night pointed out that Google has an Irish only search engine option. Which is quite true. An option like that is quite handy, if your looking for a local taxi service, a takeaway or some crowd to build a cow shed. But for the best part, how many people do actually use it. Alot of people use the net for "adult" purposes. While the thoughts of old school friends and ex girlfriends / boyfriends showing their milk bottle coloured hole bobbing up and down on some mad irish porn site excites most of us, it doesnt really exisit. While "Bridie does the lads at the ploughing championships" may stir up a bit of curiosity, Jenna Jameson and the guys at the ploughing championships" will be more of a popular choice. Maybe Ireland needs to take a leaf out of the yanks and get some decent home grown porn on the screens! Or maybe I dont know how to use google properly.

The part of the whole "Americanizm" thing I absolutely dispise is the Oh My God and Whatever shite. So many people but young and old, drop these lines like its normal. It aint normal! Fortunately, it seems to be more of a female trait than a male trait. No doubt if some feen started uttering "OH MY GOD" to his Celtic jersey clad mates, he'd be pulling bits of beer bottle out of his head for a month. That said, and the more I think about it, I may have an answer. The OMG crew are actually part of some new sitcom that no-one knows about. One with hidden cameras and the likes. As innocent civilians, we are none the wiser.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The one with Aliens and Predators, the way it should be

I've been a huge fan of the Alien and Predator series for as long as I can remember. No doubt many of you are long time fans as well. No doubt, a couple of years back, the boner and moistness inducing Aliens vs Predator was announced. Before people had a chance to blow their load, it was also announced that it would be tame, with a glorified rating. Essentially that meant, that the violence and gore was no more. I remotely enjoyed AvP, but ultimately felt sorely disappointed. Well, provided your 18 and over, check the youtube trailer below.

A new AvP movie with shit loads of gore and violence! Finally, something to look forward to. Dont get me wrong, Im not some crazed, blood thirsty crack pot, I'm just excited that this new AvP movie looks the business. Finally, a movie to maybe do some justice to the Dark Horse series. Nosing around the web, a few people seem to be getting upset that a kid is killed in the trailer. What do you expect. Lets be honest, if there were a few Alien's or Predators strolling down Patrick St. on a Saturday afternoon, they'd be pulling babies outta prams left, right and center. The kids' only chance of survival, would be a glass bottle attack by their hoop earing clad mammy! I can hear the conversation in me head alread "C'mere ya big fuckin gooowwwllll. I'll fuckin tear ya"

On another note, Derek Moorey, the dad who is on hunger strike outside City Hall was offered accomodation for himself and his family, by a Cork Talks Back listener. The goodwill of Corkonians never ceases to amaze me. Fairplay to all involved.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The one with...ah who gives a shit

A wise individual said to me earlier on that my body is probably telling me something! Yet again, Im feeling a little bit shitty. I'm now struggling to fight off either a sore throat, flu or tonsilitis. I had a few tablets left over from the apsis thing 2 weeks ago and have decided to take them to try and fix the damn thing. With all this self medication, I should be a doctor. Also, the toot that popped up after I got another one yanked out, is now deciding to kick me ass again. So another trip to the dentist is in order! Which no doubt will happen, around March next year! As for what my body is telling me, well who knows. I was never good at body language. I have come to the conclusion though, that Im pretty bust up. 31 years of constant abuse, shit food and extremely brief moments of exercise are now taking their toll. God, Im such a whiny bitch when Im sick! I will be on the air tonight though.

The weekend went by like all the other ones. Quick and painfulish! Saturday was spent scratching my arse and other parts. Project Gotham Racing 4, got some love as did the new Simpsons demo over on Xbox Live. As mentioned earlier, we got fed on Saturday night and Sunday morning, was spent debating whether to hit my mother up for a decent Sunday roast. Alas we decided not to. Most of the day was then spent with a few snipey comments about the lack of a decent roast. So, we ended up getting KFC. Well at least I got some chicken.

All week long we're giving away tickets for Death at a funeral. A special preview screening in fact. Check out the trailer here. It looks really good and has been well recieved in the states.

Till 9pm......

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The one with man measurements..Cork

Not too long ago I was asked to lend my vocal talents to a very cool Cork flick. Take a peek, its in 5 parts! Well done to Kev and all the crew on this one!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

The one where Xmas comes early!!!!

We headed to the Blue Ginger in Wilton for dinner, last night! Great food as usual (thanks Kev) so after eating too much I decided I needed some paracetemol, for a pain in the ass toothache. The aching tooth had been at it all day at this stage. So; we ended up in Dunnes by the Bandon road roundabout. Ger walked ahead of me as I rooted around the car for a jacket of sorts. She stopped as soon as she walked in the entrance and just started staring back at me. I wondered what was wrong, and then all became clear. What follows, is photographic evidence. Some of you may find the following disturbing.

Now, Ive just doubled checked the calendar for yesterdat, and indeed it was the 13th of OCTOBER. Just a week ago I noticed Tesco in Wilton had started lashing out the Xmas stuff as well. I thought the age old rule of retail was "Once Halloween is gone, we start tearing into Xmas"

Now I have 2 theories on this.

My first theory is straight forward. Tesco and Dunnes have blatantly either forgot about this rule or have just plain smashed it into pieces. My second theory is more complicated. I know as its Sunday morning some of you are either tired, hungover or pregnant! So hang onto your arses. Bishopstown and Wilton are caught in some sort of parallel dimension where they've been catapulted into the future by a few weeks. By some bizarre conincidence, you and I can enter this other dimension at will. This will explain why we are seeing Xmas decorations in the middle of October. Now unless Doc Brown and a DeLorean have been spotted towing Tesco and Dunnes on the back of a trailer down the south link at 88mph, Im not entirely sure how all of this has happened. All I do know is that parallel dimensions do exist and theres one in the Bishopstown / Wilton area. The next piece of proof we will have is Easter Eggs in early January.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The one on a Friday.........

Friday! Friday! Friday! Considering Im not off till tomorrow, maybe I should be shouting about Saturday.

Yesterday I was gratefully hooked up with a copy of Project Gotham Racing 4 and all I can say so far, is bad weather, rain in particular never looked so good! No doubt this will take up some of my time over the weekend! Other than that, friday has been uneventful. Unless you count a trip to the new Maxi Zoo in Midleton where too much money was spent on bullshit for the dogs. Granted it put a smile on their little gobs!

So Im back, attempting to give a meaningful blog update, but to be honest I may as well be out in a field with a hurley and a few rocks! It aint gonna happen, and the latest iTunes purchases blaring in the background arent helping either.

You may as well feck off, beacause there wont be much happening here in this particular blog update! Which is absolutely fuckin' pitiful on my behalf!

Although, hang a moment of brilliance, Ive just discovered an amazing new kids show. Someone needs to sign this up really quickly!

Im in Club Light in Mallow tonight, doors @ 11.30pm!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The one with hand signals and love tunnels

If you've read this earlier, you may have noticed something! It was fucked up!!! Now its edited, fixed and non fucked up

Afternoon all. In between Stephen Ireland and everything else that went on during last nights show, one of the topics, spurned from the brains of our own News Editors (Lana) Echo column, was a new style of flirting. Those of you going out on the pull tonight or maybe over the weekend, take note.

If you do the oul hand across the throat motion, that by all accounts inplies you think that the poor soul your gawking is hot! On the other hand (no pun intended) if you start rubbing your hands together that signifies that you want to meet the hapless soul outside in 5 minutes. All this started out in New York, where 2 brain boffins of ladies decided to come up with some form of sign language, when they were trawling pubs and clubs for men. Now, rubbing the hands together, will have most people thinking your freezing. Considering most pubs and clubs get fairly hot with the masses of heaving bodies, any single folks will more than likely assume you have some demented fever.
The only thing you'll be getting pulled, after the throat motion, is a bottle from the back of your skull. But who I am to knock a new way of meeting someone. Whats the worst that can happen!

I sympathise with those of you who, like me in the past, never noticed the big flashing signs saying you cant drive
through Jack Lynch! Amazingly I managed to get home without incident last night. If theres anyone out there who can explain what exactly happens when they close the tunnel, please leave a comment. I'd love to know. Are they taping the thing up? Looking for leaks? Or even inviting a few lappers around for an oul bit of a tunnel of love scenario!

For the video game fans out there, Ill leave you with a little youtube clip!

The one with fans

I found this absolutely bonkers last night....Anyways; as promised, for those of you with fans willing to learn...from

If she appears briefly at the balcony, excitedly fanning herself, and quickly goes inside, leaving the balcony open:
"I’ll go out soon"

Resting the fan on her lips:
"I don’t trust you"

Fanning herself with her left hand:
"Don’t flirt with that woman"

Running her fingers through the fan’s ribs:
"I want to talk to you"

Slowly fanning herself :
"Don’t waste your time, I don’t care about you"

Quickly fanning herself :
"I love you so much"

Moving her hair away from her forehead.
"Don’t forget me"

Passing the fan from hand to hand:
"I see that you are looking at another woman"

Hitting her hand’s palm:
"Love me"

Carrying the fan closed and hanging from her left hand:
"I’m engaged"

Carrying the fan closed and hanging from her right hand:
"I want to be engaged"

Quickly and impetuously closing the fan:
"I’m jealous"

Dropping the fan:
"I belong to you"

Resting the fan on her heart:
"My love for you is breaking my heart"

Half-opening the fan over her face:
"We are being watched over"

Hitting any object:
"I’m impatient"

Hiding the sunlight:
"You’re ugly"

Looking closely at the painting:
"I like you"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The one with a home made X-Wing

The whole thing, as in the X-Wing looks fantastic, but what kind of lunatic decides to launch it. For fuck sake, I would have taken it and left it in the drive!

The one with the Franks!

Excellent stuff!!!!

The one about feeding

Those of you who subscribe to the blog via news readers etc.etc. please update your feed to the following...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The one with Minstrels and Beastiality

Part of this update, briefly discusses Beastiality, so if your offended by that, click the x on the top right!

Much to the shock and horror of producer and listeners last night, my admission of eating minstrels for breakfast yesterday morning caused quite a stir. Some of the other items on the show included the anti-social carry on in Douglas and the new Zoo movie coming to the Cork Film Festival which tells the tale of a bloke who dies from having sex with a horse. We also had the privilege of having a new Psychic in the Monday night hot seat, called Trish Woods, who judging from callers and the large amount of feedback we got, was an absolute runaway success.

Going back to the movie Zoo, which incidentally has a very striking poster to go with it its, no doubt going to cause a few people to get upset. While it doesnt exactly show a horse getting it on with an individual, people will no doubt flock to see it, given that the subject is a fairly taboo one. As one caller said on air last night "Its not going to cause people to run out of the cinema and go, c'mere, your a nice looking horse". Theres at least always one movie at the Cork Film Festival that causes a stir, as there is with every film festival. Im not defending the movie by any means, but I am defending the fact of freedom of choice. If theres such a movie on release then surely people, if they want, should go to see it! To be honest, the thought of it, a movie like this, freaks me out a little. Horses doing men or women wouldnt start floating my boat, as a matter of fact it would sink the boat faster than the Titanic. Would I want to go see it? Well with the hype surrounding it, yeah. I would watch it.No one is holding guns to anyones head to go see it! Those of you with access to the internet will no doubt be well aware that theres all kinds of demented shit lurking around cyberspace!

Sometimes I wonder why people get so uptight about movies in general. The ones that cause the stir, be they a decent flick or not, let the public run their publicity machines. I only recently saw 9 songs, and to be frank I scanned through the thing in fast forward. Stopping only to look at the music scenes....ahem! So many people got their knickers in a twist over this and some of the scenes, in particular, the bloke getting a foot job in the bath and the scene of full penetration at the end. How do people think babies are being made. Surely some don't still think the Stork comes smashing through your double glazing in the middle of the night? As a movie, for me anyway, 9 songs was aload of balls, literally. Didnt like it. If I want some porn, I'll get it on the web. Who wants to be looking at some oul band crooning out a few songs in between foot jobs in the bath. What I would like to know is; what are the people, who lose their minds over these type of flicks doing watching them in the first place. Or is it the usual case of people reading a review, never seeing the actual movie and then getting on the moral high ground, just for the hell of it!

Lots of you wanted to hear more about the space toilet 9000, well here ya go

On a final note, the late Yasser Arafat's long lost cousin dropped by last night to help out with the production of the show!

Monday, October 08, 2007

The one with answers!

Finally, I got back on the air last night, and it felt great. I went out of my mind being out sick at home! Movies, TV and the net might sound like heaven to most of you, but nearly every day in large volumes is near madness. And when I say large volumes Im talking from the moment you crawl your sorry sick ass outta bed till the moment you crawl it back into bed, that night!

On the last post, someone made a comment (people need to make more comments!!!) regarding what do I do during the day etc.etc. So for those of you interested here ya go. For those of you not interested, Im sure Oprah is about to start on some channel somewhere.

Saturday, (the one just gone)

Due to my kidneys processing copious amounts of anti-biotic's I get up numerous times during the night/early morning and take a few leaks. Around 11am I decide I can take no more of this and promptly get up and go online checking emails and general arsing around, the same 10 sites I look at nearly every day. Thanks to iGoogle at least, this is made less painful and I save a few calories by not clicking like a mad thing. Ger gets up around 1130 and starts to get ready for a wedding fair in the Radisson SAS in Little Island. Ive made it known to the bride to be, that Im starting my wedding fair excursions next year, and not a moment sooner. A quick trip to the local shop feeds me my breakfast.

Ger's Sis arrives in her new car and whisks her off. I cough up the cash to buy them lunch and decide to make a trip out to RedFM to sort out the mountain of Halo 3 stuff thats arrived for giveaways. I get to Red just after 1 and talk shite with Eimear for 20 mins, then sort out the Halo 3 stuff, then talk more shite with Eimear and decide to get out while the going is good.

On the way home, I contemplate making a visit to Harvey Normans but by the time I decide, the exit has passed. The consumer disease inside me, is mutating and I eventually convince myself to go to Mahon Point retail park to try and find a cure for my terrible virus. 40 minutes later Im back in the car, going into Jack Lynch without spending anything. Which is good news all round. I get home, ring Ger to find out how the wedding fair has gone and have they spent my lunch money. I find out that, the father in law to be had similar ideas about lunch money so they've opted to spend his cash instead.

I leave the dogs out, pick up the mountain of destruction they've left behind and head upstairs to pick up some music from iTunes, for my gig in Marakibo later on. Ger gets home and we shoot the shit about weddings and how we wont be getting a stretch Hummer as a wedding car. We debate about getting food, and as she's already eaten, Im on my own. I cant be arsed cooking so I ring the Good Food corner and sample a house kebab thing. It comes with free delivery so I sit and wait. 30 mins later, a huge kebab arrives and I eat it like something out of planet of the apes. We chill out on the couch watching X-Factor (I know!!!!!) and some Rugby.

Im on the road to Mallow by 9ish and kick off in Marakibo at around 10. Great night is had by all and I pack up around 12.30. I call into Club Light to see Phil and get on the road home by 1255. A late night stop for a bottle of Fanta on the commons road and a long battle with heavy fog, finally sees me home for close to 2. Ger's gone to bed, half asleep and I figure out I may as well get an early night as well! A quick cuddle later (CUDDLE, people!!!!) the phone rings. Its the kebab from earlier and it says it wants to get out. So after a late night shit, its back to bed and that more or less was Saturday.

As Im on a roll with this blow by blow, I may as well talk shit about yesterday, Sunday.

I wake up, for another leak around 10am and decide to go online and check email etc.etc.etc. I then climb back into bed with the Bride to be and talk crap and we generally just laze about in bed till 1pm. We get up and I manage to cook up a fairly decent brunch which includes French Toast, Bacon and Maple Syrup. I catch up on some Sky+'d programmes and Ger decides to take the dogs out for a walk. She then, more than hints and cutting the grass. So I drag out our new lawnmower and discover shit loads of old grass stuck in the box thats really dry and grey, and if truth be told it looks like old people pubes! I do the front of the house and decide the grass in the back is too wet to cut.

We now decide, since theirs no chicken in the freezer to head out for dinner. Ger decides on the Elm tree, to which I agree. I havent been in that place in over 25 years and we arrive, get a seat and are told that the food will take 40 minutes due to the oven breaking down. We decide to leave, but the waiter informs us that some dishes are still available. We decline! Since when was steak cooked in an oven. We head to the Marlogue Inn and get fed a decent dinner. We get home and I bury myself in Kevin Smiths new book. I get to the station for around 8 and that, my friends, in Sunday!

On another note, well done to all in RedFM who got nominated in the PPI Radio Awards. Yours truly didnt get jack shit again, not that I'm bothered. I gave up being bothered about these things 2 years ago. At the end of the day, the only people who win are the listeners. And thats the most important thing. Ive looked through the categories I was entered in and to be honest, I'm absolutely amazed I didn't get shortlisted. But Im not going to go on about it, in fear of sounding like the Rovers manager over the weekend!

The Halo 3 madness continues this evening!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The one with sickness

Well, as you've guessed Im sick! I managed to get a nice swelling in my neck and according to the doc, its an apsis on one of my glands! And now Ive got a tooth ache on top of that to boot! Im on a serious dose of tablets and fairly pissed off and sore and being under near house arrest!

That is all for now!