Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The one with a radio station on fire

Hats off to the jock!

The one with the Irish Web Awards nomination

Good news to end a Tuesday with. 

Redfm.ie has just got short listed for the Irish web awards.

The one with Super Langer

Really, its time to get off the couch...anyways from a few posts back. The Marvel create a superhero yoke....

The one with something about nothing!

Well, its Tuesday. I'm sure nobody needs to be reminded that it is a Tuesday, particularly on a blog. So what shall I write / blog about today?

Maybe it'll be about how I seem to be stuck to the couch with a phenomenal, unwillingness to move. Even though I should move, because Ive got shit to do!

Maybe it'll be about how I should have went to bed after I got home last night, as opposed to watching about 3 hours of Runs house.

Maybe it'll be about how I just cant seem to balance the damn laptop in a comfortable, albeit lazy position on my lap.

Maybe it'll be about how some people really havent got a clue, about anything! But think they do!

Maybe it'll be about how Ive watched far too much Terminator: Sarah Conor Chronicles

Maybe it'll be about how I should really open the blinds and bathe the room in sunlight.

Maybe it'll be about how Im running out of maybe it'll be abouts.

Maybe it'll be about nothing!!!!!

If you've read this far, you, like I have wasted some time! And thats a good thing! Possibly!

The one with Viva Obama