Sunday, May 17, 2009

The one with London

Went off to London for a couple of days (haven't been in a few years). Great time, particularly impressed with Harrods. If your interested in the pics, scroll on down, otherwise wait for tomorrows update!

DSC01348 (Large) DSC01352 (Large) DSC01357 (Large) DSC01359 (Large) DSC01362 (Large) DSC01363 (Large) DSC01364 (Large) DSC01365 (Large) DSC01370 (Large) DSC01371 (Large) DSC01375 (Large) DSC01378 (Large) DSC01379 (Large) DSC01383 (Large) DSC01386 (Large) DSC01387 (Large) DSC01388 (Large) DSC01404 (Large) DSC01407 (Large) DSC01409 (Large) DSC01417 (Large) DSC01421 (Large) DSC01426 (Large) DSC03773 (Large) DSC03774 (Large) DSC03776 (Large) DSC03777 (Large) DSC03778 (Large) DSC03786 (Large) DSC03787 (Large) DSC03788 (Large) DSC03793 (Large) DSC03794 (Large) DSC03796 (Large) DSC03797 (Large) DSC03798 (Large) DSC03799 (Large) DSC03800 (Large) DSC03802 (Large) DSC03803 (Large) DSC03808 (Large) DSC03811 (Large) DSC03816 (Large) DSC03817 (Large) DSC01432 (Large) DSC01435 (Large) DSC01439 (Large) DSC01440 (Large) DSC01441 (Large) DSC01442 (Large) DSC01444 (Large) DSC01445 (Large) DSC01449 (Large) DSC01450 (Large) DSC01452 (Large) DSC01453 (Large) DSC01454 (Large) DSC01457 (Large) DSC01459 (Large) DSC01461 (Large) DSC01462 (Large) DSC01464 (Large) DSC01466 (Large) DSC01471 (Large) DSC01474 (Large) DSC01483 (Large) DSC01488 (Large) DSC01490 (Large) DSC01497 (Large) DSC01498 (Large) DSC01499 (Large) DSC01500 (Large) DSC01501 (Large) DSC03740 (Large) DSC03745 (Large) DSC03746 (Large) DSC03747 (Large) DSC03749 (Large) DSC03750 (Large) DSC03753 (Large) DSC03757 (Large) DSC03760 (Large) DSC03762 (Large) DSC03766 (Large) DSC03767 (Large) DSC03768 (Large) DSC03769 (Large) DSC03770 (Large) DSC03772 (Large)