Sunday, July 03, 2005

Home sweet home

Took the better half away for the weekend. Things get off to a flying start when we're half an hour into our journey to Wicklow and I realise something. Did I or did I not turn off the light in the fish tank. We go back and of course the fuckin thing is switched off. We get to Bray, Co.Wicklow mid afternoon after a 4 hour drive through rain and shit. Bray is hot and sunny so things are off to a good start. We wander around the town and discover an Eddie Rockets and get fed. Later that night we retire to the bar for a few drinks and hit the hay watching Jonathan Ross. Day one began at 8 in the morning and ends around 2am. Fuck Im wrecked. Thank god for air con, the room is humid as hell. Another early start on Saturday morning. Looking at a map we end up in the middle of nowhere trying to get to the big ass Dundrum town centre shopping gaf. We arrive after an hour and a bit on a journey that should take 20 minutes. Technology abounds as we are guided to empty car spaces by green lights, red lights showing spaces that are already taken. Im impressed. We wander around the place for hours with credit cards melting as time goes by.

We decide to get a panini in the food court and hit the road back. We stop off at Powerscourt Waterfall (see photo) and the place is stunning. Granted theres a few wans running around the place in Bikinis but no one complains. At one stage there seems to be a posing competition with a digital camera, but I stroll by keeping my head down and my pants on. We hang by the tallest waterfall in the country for a while, take some pics and got a 99. The bikini posers are still there with the camera when we leave. More shopping takes place in bray town and we kick back for dinner in the hotel. Im not impressed with the dinner and decline starters and dessert.

More drinks later we retire early to bed at around 11ish. There was some singer with a radio mic doing the rounds like he was Frank Sinatra or somebody. Bit of a tool. We watch some Live 8 and crash out, completely knackered from shopping and waterfalling and shit.

I arrive home an hour ago and type this shit up. Im not back on the air till tomorrow night so a night of relaxation is ahead!