Thursday, April 30, 2009

The one with the final countdown!

Win and Fail @ the same time

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The one with the swine flu game

heh heh heh

The one with more pics

The one with today

Busy day today as Tyrone productions were in to film the sexually speaking segment I do on the show each Thursday with the wonderful Anne Sexton from Hotpress as part of a new show called Men and Women. Not sure of the air date yet, but will obviously post it here! Great experience and a great crew from Tyrone Produtions as well! Pics (with a few more to follow)

With Anne Sexton




The one with blood pressure!


Monday, April 27, 2009

The one with Bono and Clooney

The one with the Dark Knight - Old Skool style!

The one with Susan Boyle being Irish

FFS lads!

The one with Seth Rogen doing standup, at 13!

Came across this on a few sites (including over the weekend and completely forgot to put that thing up. Anyway, fill in your own cliche here, about forgetting things.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The one with the bits from the Movie Bit 26 04 09

Scroll down for reviews of Observe and Report and State of Play



Drag me to Hell - Prepare to get some new underpants!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – State of Play

Based on the BBC series, which I’ve never seen, State of Play stars Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, coupled with Helen Mirren, Jason Bateman, Jeff Daniels, Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright Penn coming up the rear for support.


Cal McCaffrey (Crowe) is a journalist for the Washington Globe and his old room-mate is now Congressman Stephen Collins (Affleck). The story revolves around 3 deaths which are seemingly unrelated. Throw in an affair with one of the dead, on the Congressman’s part and plenty of conspiracy and cover-ups and that pretty much sums up the story for State of Play. As the movie plays out its 127 mins running time there are a few little twists and tense moments along the way. The twists are certainly a little predictable at times, but it doesn't detract from the overall movie. Nor does the running time, as it chugs along at a constant old pace.


The cast are very good with Crowe and Helen Mirren providing quality performances. Affleck, on the other hand, just doesn't look entirely comfortable with his role. He pulls it off, but just doesn't convince. The movie is set in Washington and the capital of the USA is painted as a very dark and evil place, with plenty of night time and dimly lit scenes all screaming conspiracy.


Plenty of people were asking one another questions after the movie ended and the plot isn't overly complicated but you’re going to have to keep your brain intact to follow what's happening. So, either go before you go or just hope your bladder holds out. As political thrillers go its good and something a little different in the current crop of releases. Bare in mind, that this is not really a date movie and if your idea of an outstanding flick is Hannah Montana, then its probably not for you. I enjoyed it (and its not really my type of movie) and it might even get better with a second viewing! Either way, State of play is a solid piece of film!   


Friday, April 24, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Observe and Report

For me, Kevin James and Mall Cop have ruined anything to do with Malls and shopping centres. I may not even look at the amazing Blue Brothers chase sequence again, I'm that scarred! I'm a huge Seth Rogen fan, but I was still very dubious about Observe and Report.


The story revolves around Rogen’s, character Ronnie, who is the head of Mall security. Things are going well for Ronnie until one day a “pervert” show’s up and starts flashing any female with his little captain winkle! And of course the make up counter girl that Ronnie is obsessed with, gets flashed. Detective Harris (Ray Liotta) starts investigating the case, but he isn't up to scratch in the eyes of Ronnie, who really deep down thinks he’s the cop. So in between trying to join up for the Police Academy and getting wasted the story still revolves around trying to apprehend the flasher, all the time while trying to outdo Det. Harris. And of course there’s the blatantly obvious love interest!

Observe and Report is just under 90 minutes long, but the first half of the movie feels twice as long as that and does it ever drag. Thankfully, things pickup in the second half with a selection of great lines and the the final few minutes are actually highly entertaining with more than enough to keep you choking on your popcorn!


Seth Rogen is just convincing enough as the head of mall security, but to me, he looks out of place in a movie like this! The supporting cast, in particular Ray Liotta are quite entertaining and his battle’s with Ronnie are very good, and at times Observe and Report is very dark when it comes to the head of mall security and how demented he actually is. But there’s not enough here to make this movie downright hilarious. That said; special mention goes to the kid getting the skateboard cracked off his head, that made me laugh so hard!. It is very funny in parts, and as mentioned the last part is nuts (literally).

Maybe I'm just not feeling the love because of Mall Cop and I really wanted to love this movie, but two mall movies released so close together is a bad move. This might have been better off released after the Summer blockbuster season or at the very least Kevin James and his Mall cop shite should have been canned! Maybe the DVD and Blu-ray will have a directors cut, or at least by the time its released Mall Cop will have eroded from my mind. Dont get me wrong, this is a very different beast to Paul Blart: Mall Cop, but the whole thing being set in a mall was too much for me.


If the first half had the pace and humour of the second half, then we would be onto a major winner. Either way, Observe and Report is not a bad movie, it is very funny in parts but is lacking a little something to make it a movie that is truly great!  


Trailer NSFW

Special thanks to the Gate cinemas!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The one with Beavers -

Seth McFarlene does it again and again and again and so on...

The one with Beyonce on the Today show

Here's the vid that I played last night and it's been thundering around the internet for the last few days! Apparently it's a fake now or maybe not. Does anybody care? If Beyonce comes to my door looking to borrow a cup of sugar (ala some lame ass Coffee ad) I'm not going to tell her go somewhere else because she can't sing!
Anyway, make up your own mind! And yes, Im very late today! Havent been this late in ages....must be pregnant!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The one with bits from the Midweek Movie Bit

Observe and Report – Opens in Cork April 24th (Lots of 7’s out of 10 in the states) (previews from today)

State of Play – Opens in Cork April 24th  (Lots of 8 out of 10s in the States) (previews from today)

More than a game – Should keep the sports AND film / doc fans happy

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood – Hmmmmmmm another Robin Hood movie??? Either way its Crowe with the Gladiator haircut!!!


Star Trek – Let it be said, I’m not a ST fan in any capacity, but this has got me excited!

Pixar’s new short, Partly Cloudy! According to AICN, its all about where storks get babies from :)


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The one with slo mo sneezing!


The one with the health kick

For one reason or another, last week my health kick went on strike. But after furious negotiations, the unions have resolved their differences and its back on this week. I only lost 7 days, that's all no more no less.

Of course, its always tough to get back on the pi-ball after a week off from it, and last night was no different. Decided, due to starvation, to have one last blow out and went off for food. Couldn't find a parking spot, so took this as an omen, until I reached a junction. Looped back around and got a spot on McCurtain St. I gave into the temptation, but my mind convinced me to have that one last blow out, typical addict style symptoms.

I'd never do if I was Luke Skywalker! That part in Empire Strikes Back where he's told that Darth's his old man. If that were me, I would have been like "Really? Your my dad? Cool! Where do I sign up, do I get a red lightsaber too?". None of this jumping off shite. I would have joined up straight away.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The one with the Facebook PSA

The one with time flying

Did anyone ever wonder where the hell does the weekend go? Im not suggesting that it goes off to Santa Ponsa clad in GAA outfits and clockface_roman02rampages around the place for 7 nights. I'm actually wondering why the thing goes so quick? Your average weekend starts Friday night and ends Sunday night, which you could say is 2.5 days or thereabouts, depending whether or not your stuck in bed for most of it. I was off last Friday night and now its Monday morning! I didn't do anything mad, daft or exciting, so I can remember the whole lot of it, well I think I can.

The whole thing has disappeared at hyper speed. If you take lets say 2.5 days out of Monday to Friday they go on forever. From now until Wednesday evening, it will feel like 3 months. But if those 2.5 days are weekend days, then they’re over quicker than cheap sex. Its like you go to bed Friday night and wake up and its Monday morning!


I'm nearly convinced that the space time continuum speeds up over the weekend. Sure our watches stay the same, but there’s probably only 18 hours in a weekend day, as opposed to the usual 24.    warp-speed-4

Either that, or we’re all been kidnapped by Dr. Emmet Brown, fecked into a Delorean and brought forward in time! And yes, I know what your saying, thats impossible. How can Doc Brown bring us all into the future. Well, maybe he went so far into the future…..feck it. That's not plausible. Its to do with the time space continuum.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The one with the bits from the Movie Bit 19 04 09

Pics via Empire of Bruno

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

X-mens Origins: Wolverine

Is anybody there?

The one with the mini movie review – I Love you, Man

I Love You, Man is promising from the trailers. Looks funny and of course Paul Rudd is a huge talent! So is the full thing any good???well……the idea behind it, is good. Sort of. Think of I Love you, man with a story line that one might suspect would work better as a chick flick. Either way, Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) is getting married and has “plenty” of friends, but no real close ones. So he goes on a serious of man dates to try and find his best man.


The man dates don't last very long and he finds Sidney (Jason Segel) at an open house that he’s selling for Lou “you wouldn't like me when I'm pissed off” Ferrigno. They go off and do some dude things and then there’s a little bit of confusion because the wife to be eventually feels hard done by. So Sidney gets dumped, after getting 8 grand from Peter, which he puts to great use that benefits his now, ex best friend. And that's more or less it, well bar the fact that the obvious happens.


Watching the trailer, I was led to believe that this movie was going to be funny. The 2 minute promo is very tightly edited and when scenes are shuffled around compared to the movie, that's  always a worrying thing. Case and point is the scene at the table in the trailer. This is actually funnier in the trailer sequence as opposed to the cut in the movie.


Don't get me wrong, it is funny in parts and the director of Iron Man 1&2, Jon Favreau plays a great part as a pissed off husband. When it comes to the main cast, Jason Segel steals the show, from Paul Rudd who I think is immensely talented, but doesn't shine as bright as he can in this. That said, Rudd’s character is convincing enough as a guy who is trying so very hard to be the cool, hip guy.


Overall, just like one of the director’s previous movies, Along came Polly, I love you, man chugs along. With one or 2 small exceptions there isn’t too many laugh out loud moments, more like a selection of slightly muffled choking sounds that sound like laughing. The F word sounds out of place in this movie, and it sounds that it was part of a rewrite to try and man up the picture a little.

I Love you, man is a disappointing movie, that could have been so much more. An original enough idea that seems to be stuck in the space between a straight forward comedy suitable for all and a comedy that you wouldn't tell your parents you went to see. More of a “I kinda like you, man” than anything else!


Friday, April 17, 2009

The one with the mini movie review – Crank 2 High Voltage

Crank 2 kicks off where the original Crank ended. Chev actually survives the fall from the chopper. He is grabbed off the street by Chinese mobsters, who rip out his heart, and replace it with an electrical one, as Chinese mobsters do. From there, Chev goes thundering off around Los Angeles trying to find his heart and to keep himself alive, he need’s regular jolts of electricity.


That’s all there is to the story. Fairly straight forward. Kick the shit out of everything, lube up a shotgun, get electrocuted plenty of times, kick even more shit out of everything, shout fuck alot, have sex on a racetrack, shout cunt alot and kick the shit out of the shit that came out of the shit that got the shit kicked out of it originally. And that pretty much sums up Crank 2 High Voltage.


The most important thing to remember when going to see Crank 2, and I'm surprised the cinemas haven't provided a facility for this, is to leave your brain outside the door. If you walk in with your brain still all cosy and warm inside your skull, you will hate this movie. And I'm not talking about “I didn't like it, twas stupid” kinda hate, I'm talking about real dark side hate. The kind of hate that will ensure you wouldn't get parole!


The movie looks great. Its superbly shot and very tightly edited (think MTV) and has clever use’s of onscreen graphics, ala parts of Pulp Fiction. The soundtrack is as intense as the movie with plenty of toonage blaring. As for the acting, Statham is great, well as great can be in a movie like this. The rest of the cast (Amy Smart to mention one) are OK, again nothing amazing, but this movie isn't about amazing performances. Some of the set pieces are superb and the racetrack scene gets special mention as it’s like something that could be found in the deepest, darkest parts of the internet. And of course, the nice little hook is what way will Chev Chelios juice himself up next! That said there is one totally stupid scene, which is completely pointless. You’ll know when you see it! (Hint – Its in the electrical power plant)


Crank 2 High Voltage, is certainly not for the faint of heart. There’s plenty of sex, nudity and completely over the top violence. Its a great watch, once you leave your mind machine outside the front door of the cinema and don't go in expecting something epic. Anyway, I loved it, and had little trouble getting my brain back in afterwards. Roll on Crank 3!


On a final note, If Crank 2 High Voltage were a theme park ride, you would shit your pants… least!!!

8/10 (Rating based on brain being left outside cinema)
1/10 (Rating based on brain fully in head)

The one with Christ with a K

After the tears had dried up, I said farewell to Dave Duff aka, Christ with a K, who is off to Australia today. We’ll miss him sorely on the show every Thursday.

I wish him the best, he was a complete legend for writing over 50 songs, week in week out, singing about what we had covered on the show each week! A talented bloke who not only could write and sing, but had wonderful hair as well!



The one on a Friday MORNING!

Normally a day off and it still is, but Im up far too early. Either way, I'll have to deal with it!

Nothing going on here till later, reviews of Crank 2 High Voltage and I Love you, man will be here at some point before Sunday night!

Best of luck to all involved in Cork Fashion Week which kicks off today!

Anyway, thats that for now! Well. baring this, which will blow your underpants right off your arse!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The one with a kick ass bouncer!

The one with how not to be a guest on a tv show

Will someone help him - FFS

Im passing out - Fail methinks!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The one with the midweek Movie Bit – 15 04 09

Dont miss the mid week movie on Cork Talks Back with yours truly on Corks RedFM! Cool Crank 2 merchandise up for grabs and movie tickets in association with the Gate cinemas.

Shots from the Expendables

33257 33258


Concept art from Terminator Salvation Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins terminatorsondermotivbig

Inglorious Bastards - As seen on American idol in the states - mmmmmmmmmmm

Crank 2 High Voltage - Roll on the weekend - Opens in Cork Cinemas this Friday, April 17th

I Love you, Man - Opens in Cork Cinemas this Friday, April 17th

Good - Opens in Cork Cinemas this Friday, April 17th

In the Loop - Opens in Cork Cinemas this Friday, April 17th

The one with a rugby scrap

Check the dude with the bald spot and the beard!

The one on a rainy wednesday

Blog is on a slow down today, being busy with this thing called a wedding the last 2 days so apologies to anyone who gives a sh%t (i.e. no one)

Just in case you are reading this in bed and haven't yet opened the curtains or have been inside in a wifi enabled toilet cubicle all day, then don't bother looking outside. Its shit! 

In case you haven't seen how shit it is, here a some pics courtesy of Google images. Cowen needs to do with Putin used to do in Russia. Send in the jets with some chemicals to break up the rain clouds! After all aren't the government jets just sitting on a runway somewhere, trying not to go on fire!

rain rain_accra_oct03

Feckin’ hell, really scraping the bottom of the barrel when I'm posting pics of rain!

Check back later for the mid week movie bit!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The one with an observation

For years, I’ve been the one recommending what we go to see and what we watch when it comes to movies. After coming home last night, we were debating something to watch and Ger said why not Mama Mia!

I'm not a musical fan in any sense of the word. As a matter of fact I’d prefer to take on a fleet load of Somali pirates, armed with nothing but Daniel O Donnell CD’s, than watch a musical. So, hell froze over last night and I agreed!

I didn't love Mama Mia, but I did enjoy it to a point. There’s no getting away from the fact that the soundtrack is superb!

Now for the observation! Did anyone else find the whole thing a bit fuckin’ nuts, kinda like a sequel to One flew over the cuckoos nest. You have a group of people on an island who break into song at a moments notice (primarily spurred on by a word they hear) and then the whole thing comes to an end with a wet t-shirt competition, where children and a priest are part of the contestants.

Either its a great musical, or one of the most fucked up movies of our time! That said, Meryl Streep had a certain sexiness about her, even more so that Stifler’s Mom!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The one with tonights Movie Bit, bits!

Terminator Salvation Poster - Full of the awesome, lets hope it doesnt have a PG rating!

2012 Teaser poster - Now its saying who will be left behind? FFS. Thought the world was ending??
Public Enemies Trailer 2 - Hurry up

Harry Potter and the half blood prince - International trailer

Angels and Demons 2nd Trailer - Hmmmmm

The one with the mini movie review – Fifty Dead Men Walking

Based on the the book of the same title, Fifty Dead Men Walking is the true story of Martin McGartland.


The plot is very straight forward. McGartland is a door to door salesman, flogging everything from jeans to knickers, which have all fallen off the back of a truck.  He makes an impression on the IRA during a chase from the army and is subsequently recruited to the IRA, primarily as a driver and by the British police as an infiltrator and spy.

He makes alot of money, gets a new lease on life and starts a family. But as the story goes, he eventually gets discovered and is almost killed after the British sell him; and his confident out as they think it could bring down the whole system.


Fifty Dead Men Walking is fast, its brutal (the torture scenes get special mention) and extremely engaging. For a movie shot very recently, the crew have done an amazing job transforming Belfast back into the city it was over 20 years ago. Jim Sturgess is completely believable as McGartland as is Ben Kingsley as his confident, Fergus. Combined with a great supporting cast, the overall performance is superb!


The movie is extremely well shot and this just envelopes you from the very start. You do feel like you are on the journey with McGartland and I certainly think , Kari Skogland has done justice to not only the book, but to the man who saved 50 lives.


Excluding the introduction, the movie revolves around McGartland so don't be expecting a visual insight into the troubles in the North. That said, the movie does highlight the terror that went on for so long and the conflict that raged but as mentioned, this is about Martin McGartland, and nothing else!


Fifty Dead Men Walking is an incredibly enjoyable and gripping movie. I loved every minute of this and its something you should definitely check out!