Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The one on a Tuesday (Couldnt think of a better title!)

If you haven't got back into the grind after Christmas at this stage, then is there any jobs going where ya work!

The guy spitting out 600 words in 60 seconds, as heard on the show last night, is here

Keeping with youtube, for those of you desperately seeking a movie to look forward to, try this on for size. Cloverfield. Its been all over the net for the last while and now theres plenty of positive things coming about the movie. Its my tip for one of the better movies of 2008. Middle of Feb its hitting Cork cinemas.

Its all about keeping with today. Keeping with movies, Alien vs Predator Requiem hits the local movie houses this Friday. Way back, somewhere deep in the archives is a post about the movie. How I spilt my guts on how good the trailer looked, the bucket loads of gore, children being killed etc.etc. and how finally the AVP series got a decent go at being on the big screen. I read a few reviews over the weekend, and lets say I wont exactly be stocking up on skip loads of popcorn for this one!

On another note, John Waters of Irish Times "fame" was on another radio station (yes they exist....I think) saying bloggers were idiots etc.etc. and should all be boiled in oil (well maybe not boiled in oil...) I must give credit to Rick O Shea (of, yes, another radio station)
At least the bloggers have some content on their websites! As opposed to a big fat "Coming Soon notice!" The world holds its breath :) "An intelligents person guide to modern Ireland". Given the large amount of Irish blogs (plenty of journos typing there arses out for their blogs), theres quite a few intelligent folk out there. Not all of us wander around in smoking jackets and pipes, wandering how we're gonna take a piss in a new and exciting way. Maybe he's "write". Maybe all us bloggers are idiots, as I wander into a some half hearthed rant that has now run out of wind. But at least we have content, for all the intelligent people living in modern Ireland.

On a final note

Return flights from Dublin/Cork to Los Angeles

Personal meet and greet service on arrival at LAX Airport

Five (5) nights 4* hotel accommodation in Los Angeles

City Tour of LA

Day trip to Universal Studios

Day trip to Disneyland

Silver level tickets to the 50th Annual Grammy Awards

Return private car transfers between the hotel the Awards Ceremony

Keep listening for the Grammy triple play, these songs, played in full in this order




For today, that is all!