Thursday, November 01, 2007

The one with one of the more bizarre things you'll read today....possibly

Over the years, in life in general Ive been involved in a few bizarre situations but none more demented than what happend on Tuesday night. The show started as normal and got off to a rockingly good start about the provisional licence fiasco. Around 10:25, acting producer, Nuala came into the on air studio in a bit of a tizzy. Someone had got into the station by telling someone who was leaving, that they were there to see me and magician Keith Barry. I didnt think much of this, but at the same time something obviously didnt sound right. For a start Keith Barry hasnt been on the show in some time. I decided to throw on a scheduled track and wander outside with Nuala. At this stage, the said individual had disappeared into the ladies. After a long wait, she finally arrived out and I was introduced to her. I had no idea who she was and she keep insisting she was here to meet Keith Barry. When she was told Keith wasnt on the show she said that was alright and she'd wait for him. Again we asked her to leave, but no joy. Upon telling her that we would have to call security, she said that was fine and call security. A long 20 odd minutes rolled by until the Gardai arrived and eventually managed to get, what we later discovered was an escaped psychiatric patient into the back of the paddy wagon. During this 20 minutes I tried to keep the conversation going as did Nuala. It was a very unpredictable situation but thankfully it ended with no trouble and nobody got hacked up or anything. I kid you not, this is true. That was the reason a section of Cork Talks Back sounded like a six hit mix!
By the time it was all said and done we were a wee bit shaken but thankfully not stirred!

Thats it for today kiddy winks!