Monday, November 22, 2004

Its been a bleary eyed weekend with the broadband let me tell ya. Got up this morning and it wouldnt work. Typical, but now its ok again after I talked nicely to it. As I have previously mentioned Dan Akroyd wont be on the show :( but they did send a signed copy of the book (Elwood Blues) and the co author is on tonight. So Im kinda happy. Cork Talks Movies kicks off tomorrow night in the ten hour, so make sure your tuned for that. Not much else going on really except my new vice is them damn stupid flash games. Broadband makes them a joy to use. Or I was able to see some clips of a fantastic interview with Jim Carrey on Truly its a great experience, the ol broadband. My dads brother turned up on the forum last night so it was great to hear from him.