Thursday, August 03, 2006

MTV was re-christened Mainstream TV last night by some of the listeners. And quite rightly so too. Ive been an MTV fan from as far back as I can remember, while sometimes thats as good as a week, Ive grown up with it. We never had MTV in the house when I was younger, due to the oul Southcoast crowd not broadcasting it. There was always light at the end of the tunnel though. When I made it to secondary school, I made friends with a few lads from Douglas / Rochestown. They were so better off than me that they had cable, or Multi Channel as it was back then. That meant one thing, MTV. It was MTV that Im sure showed me scantily clad, gyrating women. For that I am indebted to them. But lads almighty, what has gone wrong in the last couple of years. Theres no more bloody music videos on MTV, if you want that you have to go to one of the other MTV music channels. Maybe its the principal of the thing, that if you turn on a channel known as Music Television, you'd expect music videos. The last thing one expects is some spoilt rotten little 15 year old, B$%ch roaring the Mansion down because daddy wont let her have a herd of elephants piloted by chimpanzees dressed in 3 piece suits, playing guitars.

I applaud the parents on this show, who dont give in to their little darlings mad demands. The ones who give in though, and provide the elephants and chimps with guitars should be taken into the middle of some jungle to live with a tribe of chimpanzees. Im sure the chimps will provide a banjo at the least. Meanwhile the little miss, will soon be evicted because the mortgage wont be paid, the phone will be cut off as will everything else. Then with nowhere to go, she'll wander off around the place and thankfully disappear into oblivion. My super sweet disappearing act!!!!

Anyways, thats my lot for today, meetings and other things are on the agenda from 5. Check out the show later on for the usual madness and bedlam AND something different to boot. The Snatch improv comedy troupe will be in the studio, looking for a script of sorts and direction from YOU!!!!

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