Friday, August 05, 2005

Well the highlight of this week off so far has been winning 100 squids on a roulette wheel online. The cheque arrived and was lodged this morning faster than Jude Law getting caught on top of another nanny.

What a night I had in the bedroom last night. 2 hours I was at it, if not more. Balls all over the place, and no matter how hard I tried...I still couldnt get a hole in one. That Hot Shots golf is pretty good alright.

I always enjoy getting back on the air after a break. Theres a great feeling of refreshment. I think! Back to writing Top 5s and my ever so "humorous" monologues as well. I do stress the word humourous!!

New ratings are out near the end of August, so Im waiting with great anticapation. Cork Talks Star Wars will be going in for the irish radio oscars and probably the show as well...but more on that as I get it.

Anyway for those of you who have read these miserable lines of shit text, thanks....!