Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Yesterday evening, I made the decision to shut down this blog. Not delete it or anything, just leave it dormant. I’m finding less and less time to post things in the old style, ie extremely humorous commentary and observations…I know…you have no idea that, that exists on this blog. Then as the night rolled on and I fed Cameron at 2 in the morning I started to dwell on the whole idea of shutting down and I suppose essentially letting go. You wonder do people give a shite, but stat’s would say other wise. But you know what, when something is part of you for so long, it ain’t that easy!!!

I find myself doing more of the micro blogging stuff (ie on Twitter) far more often. It’s less time consuming and potentially makes more of an impact and is more immediate. I also have dedicated an incredible amount of time to The Movie Bit  which is a labour of love more than anything else and obviously it’s tied into my dedicated movie segment.

I’ve been online since 1997, this blog has being going since 2004 and at times it has catalogued major events in my life, let alone minor ones. On occasion it has caused a shit storm or 2 professionally and I’ve defended it to the hilt, as I believe quite strongly in what this blog and others represent. And even as I type this..what? you’ve read this far? Holy fuck…anyway…I feel this blog is an extension of who I am and it’s like an extra leg..or penis..or whatever. The posting may get slower, or faster and the twitter box is now in the main panel so plenty of stuff is still going on.

So with that in mind, upon reflection I’m not ready to shut down this bitch anytime soon.