Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The one with The Clone Wars TV series

This kicked off in the states and is set to premiere on Sky Movies Premiere on October 25th. And for those of you with HD, its also showing in glorious High Definition!!!!! It might be a little to early to remove your pants (ya know the ones with the Chewbacca head on the arse) but if it feels like you should, then by all means! 

Im not totally sold on Star Wars being animated to be honest, even as hard as the movies make me get. Id much prefer to see Episodes 7,8 and 9. But I know thats not gonna happen as do the rest of the geeks, but we all live in hope! Granted its the same amount of hope that people on the Titanic had when they heard there was an Iceberg. The whole cartoon vibe doesnt do it for me Im afraid, and Im a big animation fan. But I'll hold off judgement until I see at least 2 episodes and then I'll blog it up on here and no-one will give a shit either way.

The one with the guitar yoke

This is in the blog archives somewhere, but people wanted to hear it again. One of the most viewed pieces of audio...Savage!!!!!

If ya horse around youtube, theres a tonne of news bits and interviews....