Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Really late today. Its been a mental morning and afternoon so far.Been preparing my submissions for the PPI Radio Awards today. Hollywood legend and The King of Confetti, Rip Taylor will be joining me later on this evening. You can check Rip out in the new Dukes of Hazzard movie from Friday. Im really looking forward to having Rip on.

Some highlights from last nights show!

Late N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from a guy standing in a q in a chipper (22//08/05)

5 – Sorry to interrupt love birds, but Im just wondering what are the chances for a 3 some

4 – I used to work here and trust me, it might look like curry, but its not

3 – Ya, give me a quarter pounder of dog there boss when ur ready

2 – Chances are Ill throw this up in an alley on the way home

1 – I like my women like my chips. Hot and greasy!

A website selling the special county color g-strings has revealed that 90pc of those buying the sexy gear are men. I dunno, but some of the men that bought their county colors in a g-string say they just bought them for a bit of crack.

ANGRY bosses at Real Madrid have ordered their arrogant stars: “Be ambassadors for the club — like David Beckham. So now all of the Real team are gone off to have affairs.

I really have to run, theres something burning in the oven and Im fresh outta time.