Thursday, February 23, 2006

Last show of the week and a weekend of activity ahead, or maybe not. Ill more than likley go off to see Karl Spain on Saturday night @ The Comedy Club, and that will be it Id say. Its been a busy week, and its looking at getting alot busier by all accounts. Im way behind on the movies, so Ill have to try and take in something movie wise over the weekend to boot. Tis all Rock N Roll!

Busy show last night, with alot of teens pissed off the way they're percieved by adults! I think we all used to hang around in gangs when we were in our teen years. I know I did. Basically we all used stand outside a shop and talk absolute bollocks. On a few occasions fella would be burning as much rubber off their crusaders mountain bike wheels as possible. Im sure some of us used to be riding around on spokes and rims. The odd time someone would hurl themselves off a bike, faking an accident. At the time, it was all innocent fun. Then when the girls arrived on the scene, that was another thing all together. One after the other, we'd arrive up outside that shop, wearing shirts, black shoes and Old Spice. Granted; it never worked. There'd be the occasional punch up and some clown with a lighter and a can of deodorant. But that was it. Teenagers been teenagers...wearing Daddies Old Spice! Or Blue Stratos, but NEVER Hi-Karate! Where Adults get the idea that a gang of teens are marauding around streets like some African Tribe on a witch hunt, beats the hell outta me.

Im still mourning the loss of my Hard Drive, and even plugged it in this morning just to check, and feckin nada. Someone has suggested changing the logic board in it. So I had a nose on Ebay this morning, and lo and behold theres a few boards there. Ill probably give it a lash next week, and then Ill be burying the thing out the back!

That be that for now, so laters!