Monday, January 28, 2008

The one about the weekend and a decent restaurant reccomendation!

Someone emailed me yesterday asking for another what did you do, blow by blow, about the weekend. So, as I cant think of anything else to bang in here, why not?

Friday was spent cooking up a storm for me parents as they arrived on their twice monthly visit. Friday night was spent in Club Light in Mallow. After feck all sleep, I managed to crawl out of bed and head to the wedding fair in Silversprings. Im normally good for getting up (!) but last Saturday morning I was absoultely shagged. So with a big grumpy head up on me, we headed off to the wedding fair. Im not a big fan of weddings and certainly not of wedding fairs, even though Im penciled in to walk down the aisle next year. Ger had prepared herself for the worst, later admitting she was expecting me to be a moany oul bollox. But!!! I actually enjoyed it, more so than I thought was possible. Some of the highlights were the cake samples. Of course it would have to come down to food with me!

I've set down some new rules in the house for 2008. We go out to eat at least once or twice a month and make the cinema at least once or twice a month and god knows what in between. So Hardwood on Popes Quay was next on the list. I picked up some Eat out in Ireland mag a few weeks ago and decided to eat my way through a selection of the Munster list. Im in no way associated with the folks at Hardwood, but mother of God the food was absolutely divine. I shit you not when I say the following. I have never, EVER eaten ribs like the ribs in Hardwood. Falling off the bone would be an understatment. And that was just for starters. Ger made her way through a sea food chowder that was a meal in itself. Pork and Steak made our main course. The steak was perfectly cooked, the pork was melt in your mouth. I havent stopped raving about the place since Saturday night. The staff couldnt have been better, even when the place got really busy. Its also, in my book, great to see the chef pop out for a few minutes and have a nose at whats going on. From the chef to the wait staff, everyone stunk of "I actually give a toss about you and the food" which is a rare fragrance in restaurants these days. The whole meal came to about €95 (inc tip). Value for money to boot! Any place that convinces me to eat a strip of deep fried carrot (I cant stand the things) is also a good thing. It just looked too good NOT to eat!!!!


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