Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The one with express checkouts

Well, contrary to the rants yesterday here I am with another afternoon blog post! Well I might have been here earlier, except some fool decided that an express checkout was just like a normal checkout. Normally these things are 10 items or less, but this poor clown had 27 items. She then took forever to get them out of the basket and of course she pays for them by counting out 5 cents and 10 cents.

I wonder where do these dopes think they are? Does a tiny express checkout look like the big ones? It must do for some people. Granted the 10 others in the queue had only a sandwich or a drink, so obviously they were in the know. Equally, the individual behind the till should have said "No Dice". Whats the point in having an express checkout when thick, ignorant gobshites hold the entire shop up, but their stupidity and ignorance. Its like the people out there who think that the radio is "talking to them and no one else". At the end of the day I laugh it off from the radio perspective, but in the express checkout scenario I really need someone to come up and give me a whole dose of strength!