Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Before I start rambling, I want to address some of the comments that appeared on the blog!

AHHHH VIC seattle havent won the a superbowl ever. the steelers have soooofeck off from seattle, thats my team....if they lose i'm coming after you....
Well If Im backing them at this late stage, then start putting the rusty nails in the plank of wood!!!!!

Vic, who was the tool on last night, about hash. I was working the late shift last night nad we couldnt stop breaking our ass laffing when he started insulting you when his argument was going nowhere. None of us could understand why he went nuts, probably the drugs, but you asked him a simple question to make his point that he didnt make in the first place because yer one was talking. What a fucking ghoul. Well done bud, great show!

Hash fries brains, that was evident last night!Question for ya Vic, how do you keep your head in a situation like that? He was completley out of line. He sounded like a fool when he just hung up!
Thanks! Ill talk about the last 2 comments down below

Last nights show was good, but where the insults and bedlam came from I really have no idea! Luke is always a good guest and gets quite argumentitive and he has a strong passion about his beliefs. But last night, as alot of people said, he let the side down. From time to time when someone on the other of the phone hangs up its usually for one reason and one reason only. Im sure you can put 2 and 2 together! For the record last night was not an interview, but a debate. So if people want to get involved in the debate and call in, then there more than welcome to. Thats why the show is called Cork Talks Back. How do I keep my head? Id like to say Im a true professional! But Im not really, as I can get a bit too excited from time to time. Shouting down to someone on the phone never works, and as the insults starting coming it was quite obvious to me he was going to hang up! So thanks for all the support with the texts, calls and emails last night :)

Moving onto other things, the joys of the Sky+ series link. I forgot to tape Des Bishops Joy in the Hood last night, but the wonderful series link kicked in. Another good show, but for some reason it didnt get me laughing as much as the other 2, and in particular the ballymun episode! Either way, Des is doing great and fair play to him, like! The Orange County Choppers boys arrived in Cork on last nights episode of American Chopper. Very funny to see the lads sucking up the Blarney Stone!

The health kick is lasting. Its into its third week now, although last night I crashed and burned again when I came home. Seems to be about once a week I feck it up! Overall its going well enough.

Theres been a great response to our Walk the Line screening giveaway, which Ill also be announcing on Feb 1st. More tickets tonight I do believe. We doubled up last night, on the tickets due to been let down by our Monday night Psychic. Its rare it happens, but its the same people have left us down in the past, and last night was the last straw. Psychics are in big demand, apparently and its nigh on impossible to have a back up plan. Tonight though, we should have one, as loads of people were a bit pissed off last night. I apologise, but it was out of our control!

Also, to just give all the Xbox 360 owners out there a heads up, I think we will be giving away one of the most awaited fighting games on the 360 really soon. So stay tuned, and yes your right, its the one with the bouncing tits!