Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just got news the Paul Dee The Hypnotist will be making a very welcome return to the show next Thursday (May 4th) For anyone thats a long time listener you'll know how entertaining the whole thing is on air. For anybody that hasnt heard Paul Dee on air, basically we offer listeners the oppurtunity to come out to the station on the night and get hypnotised! You have to be over 18!

Anyone wants to get hypnotised , please email me

with your contact details or just PM me here

This is only a bit of crack and no one will get disgraced!!

Well it had to happen sooner or later. I missed an update yesterday. I had a meeting with a radio doctor yesterday (good prognosis too) and by the time I was finished I decided to stick around as it wasnt worth my time to go home. I gave my stand in producer Don an oul bit of a hand with the show. We hit Abrakebabra for dinner and got back to the station for more slaving.

Absolutely brilliant news about Kanye West coming to Live at the Marquee later on in the year, and its a RedFM gig to boot! Definitely something to look forward to, as its the whole Live at the Marquee again. Some savage acts, but Kanye is the icing on the cake, and tis savage icing too!

Tuesday and Wedneday were fairly stressfull, if truth be told. When working with a stand in producer not everything works the way it should, for millions of reasons. In fairness to Don he pulled off a blinder last night. Absoultely jam packed show. Recently theres a huge buzz about the show which is great, so keep listening because theres a few big things happening in the next few weeks. Lots and lots of callers last night when it came to the discussion "Are Cork girls up there own arses" Really good points on both sides and the promo thats running today has a very funny clip from last night! I know in my single days that quite alot of the time when your out in a pub and club, members of the opposite sex wouldnt give me the time of day. As I said last night, you were on the recieving end of THAT look. We all know THAT look. At times I wondered was my fly open? Maybe my pants was around my ankles? Other times I checked to see I hadnt shit myself. The odd time I thought that maybe I was drooling and speaking in tongues, like I was possessed. Each time I checked I was fine. It wasnt me, it was a case that the females were up there arse, and couldnt be bothered to speak to a cretin like me. For anyone thats single now, I do feel your pain. Half the time being single has its benefits, other times its a drag. I know someone is asking "What the fuck are the benefits of being single?" Well, you can throw your leg over as many people as you want to without feeling guilty (Christ thats harsh!). Note the word try!!!!!!! As for the other benfits, well Im fucked if I now. Im in a relationship for six years now. Whod have thought that possible. Either way, its brilliant but at the same time, like everything dont believe the hype. No one wants to grow old on their own, but think of it like this. When your 76 and single, sign yourself into an old folks home. Theres plenty of other people in the same boat, so chances are you'll get your hole after your afternoon feed of pills and soup. It might take a while to get the clothes off, and it might take a shit load of pills to get things working, but at least you'll be together!

Today is another busy day for me, but for a change Im well ahead. I might even manage to take in an Xbox Live game of Battlefield2. Speaking of games, theres the big E3 conference coming up soon. For anyone with an Xbox360 this should hopefully be the start of proper next gen games for the 360. So far theres been very few games that have blown my mind. Alot of stuff is generally ports from the Pc, or its a multiplatform release. PGR3 stands out amongst the crowd. 2 games Im really looking forward to are Lost Planet and Dead Rising. For anyone on Xbox Live theres a demo of Lost Planet out on May 9th, and in the meantime check the trailer for it. Rockin stuff!

For lots of people, the last Friday of the month is payday. So roll on tomorrow. I have nothing major planned for the weekend. Few drinks with friends seems to be on the cards, and I have to purchase a portable hard drive. Theres is so much Cork Talks Back Audio in the station, that backing up onto DVD isnt feasable anymore! I have me feckin Car Tax to pay for as well. Which I have no problem paying, but its hard to justify it when your sitting in the middle of a crater on the road!

Anyways thats it for today. We are not on the air Monday night, but are on Sunday so keep an eye on the blog over the next few days!

Finally a quick grab from the phone, late last night sticking the Cork Talks Back promo together!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No update yesterday due to some technical glitch on the blog..honestly! Some other people complaining of similiar mishaps!

The show was jammed solid last night and in particular our Monday night Psychic, Ray Sette
had our switchboard absolutely jammed with callers. Normally by midnight we have a couple of people left over who didnt get on air. We move them back to the next segment, but last night was an exception. I got through as many people as possible but we still had quite a number of callers waiting in the wings. So much so, that Ray is back on Wednesday night!

Somebody somewhere has set up a bebo account in my name. Unfortunately its infringes on copyright and has to be removed as the person almost pertains to be me. If anybody has got any emails, PMs or anything from the bebo user VicTheBrick, then please ignore it. Its not from me. My official bebo page is here
Hopefully over the next few days Ill get another quiz up there!
Speaking of a few days, well its longer than a few days, my 30th Bday is coming up in the middle of May. I was only thinking the other day, tis hard to believe Im hitting 30. If you had asked me 20 years ago, what would I be doing certainly wouldnt have been writing a blog. Tis funny how life turns out!

Any regular readers will know that a few weeks back, maybe a few months back I started on a little health kick. Even more regular readers will know, I decided that this wasnt a good thing and kicked it to the kerb! So back came the shit food and all that goes with it! Im contemplating going back on it again, as Im sure one day my heart will go..

"Hey muthafucker...Im done here..see ya on the other side!"

Anyway, tis lunchtime now! Laters.
Ah, the blog is back online! Full update later.

Monday, April 24, 2006

As the usual Monday blog goes, another weekend bits the dust! I picked up a handy bargain (as far as I can tell) on Saturday, namely The Pink Panther collection on DVD for €40 in Golden Discs. Ive seen all the movies when I was alot younger and havent seen them since! Put on one on Saturday night and promptly fell asleep! Friday night was spent at a 30th B day party. Speaking of 30th B- days, my own one is coming up in a few weeks!

For anyone that uses bebo, please be aware that the user VicTheBrick is not me, in any way shape or form. We had a similar instance before, when someone had set up a page about Martina! An appreciate page is sound like, but a page that pretends to be me isnt cool. For anyone thats recieved any messages from that user, please discard them! My "Official Bebo page" can be found here

Other than that, theres nada going on. The Moday night Psychic is back tonight amidst the usual bedlam. Make sure you tune in from 9pm!

Friday, April 21, 2006

No updates today, well bar this one letting you know, theres no updates today!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

By now Im sure Tom Cruise has eaten some placenta. Whether or not he finished the thing is anyones guess! Mayo, Ketchup, BBQ sauce or just straight down the hatch, who knows..but obviously lots of people care! Ill be honest I say I know absolutely nothing about eating placentas! Im not sure if they need to be boiled, roasted or just ate straight off the baby and to be honest I have little, actually make that zero interest in eating a placenta. Will this start a new hollywood craze? I ask myself and some of you asked the same question last night on the show. Just briefly, lets take a look at some of the Hollywood crazes that have influenced us lot over here, across the pond.

Take Paris Hilton and her dog. You cant walk down Pana these days without some young one prancing down the road with a Guineys handbag complete with a Jack Russell squashed in between the change pouch and a naggan! Next we will have monkeys, squashed into the Guineys bag! Why? Well the dog got boring for Paris, so she bought a monkey which attempted to scratch her face off like a winning streak scratch card! Of course, we like to keep up with hollywood. We could blame Denis Rodman for bleached hair and tatoos. We could blame Arnold Schwarzenegger for people wanting to politicians. We could blame Michael Jackson for the priests, although its more likely we could blame them for Michael Jackson. The list is endless. Think of it this way, if your ever inside Square Deal, Ideal Living, New Furniture Centre or any of the countless furniture shops in Cork and you see some guy bouncing up and down on a sofa, you can blame Tom Cruise for that one! Maybe Oprah is entitled to some of that blame, but it lies mainly at Toms feet. Going back to the Placenta craze, Im sure some of the Hollywood crew will take up on it and start knocking back Evians and Placentas like no tomorrow. Maybe the famous Ivy restaurant will start some Placenta dishes! Deep fried Placenta, Sweet n Sour Placenta and maybe even Bacon and Placenta.

To be brutally honest, I was fairly pissed off by the end of the show last night! The amount of young people who rang up saying it was so easy to get drink and how they're locked all the time was frightening! Why do they do it, week in week out? For a laugh was the response! Some of their parents were well aware of the fact that they were out getting bolloxed! There should be some awards handed out to those parents! For years now we've been talking about underage drinking on the show, on and off. Each time I learn something new. One FF Councillor last night proposed a clamp down around off licences. Thats not going to work! Nothing for kids to do? Thats shit as well! Theres plenty for em to do, but most of dont want to try something new. Theres been plenty of exceptions on the positive side of things too though! Some callers have set up their own youth club, and others havent been tempted at all. One texter said I was the exception to the rule, because I was born grown up. A stupid comment. I wasnt born grown up! But Ive 30 years on the planet, and Ive seen some crazy shit over the years (as have alot of people). But if kids want to go out and get hammered and end up getting robbed, abused or raped because they were so out of it, thats there problem. Its not my dick thats gonna fall off from some drunken STI ridden romp, or I wont be ending up with a pregnant teenager oul doll. Maybe a bit more education is needed, as in proper education from people who experienced stuff. Not some government official going "Well I think the kids need this" and they dont have a clue! I know theres tonnes of great teenagers out there, hell lots of em are regular listeners and callers to the show, but is so frustrating hearing some of the calls last night, and society and the country we live in are half to blame. This underage drinking thing didnt suddenly spring up last week. Since Ive been presenting the show, 3 years this month, I have seen or heard nothing positive about tackling underage drinking. Well maybe I have, but has it hell it hasnt!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First nights back after a bank holiday can be funny from time to time. Not last night thankfully! We were kickin on all cylinders yesterday evening! Lots of heated calls on the Road Carnage! Great response to our Cork Choral Festival giveaway as well! More tickets tonight!!!!!! Im really short on time today so without further ado, heres Part II of the RedFM virtual tour!

Board Room (Where all the important decisions are made, like what brand coffee we should have...or so Im told)

Studio 3, where the CTB producer sits at night. KC lives in here as well

If you look real carefully you can see Stevie G in the On Air studio. The other guy is Don, one of the CTB team!

Caroline (Our production manager) "working" in the main production studio!

Some more of the shop floor

An "arty" shot of our breakfast bar

Another "arty" shot of the breakfast bar - Note the Bar Stools

Reception area

So there ya go! Thats about it for me now, as Im running out the door! Maybe more later! Probably not, but ya never know!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter over..roll on next Bank Holiday!

I read somewhere this morning that the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs at Easter! All this was according to a google search as to where do Easter Eggs come from! Surely the government should be sorting this out! Forget your bird flu, forget the enslaved hens for Breasts N Buns because somewhere there is a load of rabbits laying chocolate eggs! I know what your thinking, its rabbit shit! Which incidently is like small eggs..kinda! So its either some seriously big ass rabbits or someone is sticking all the rabbit shit together to form bigger eggs! Either way, thats alot of shit, and Im talking it (or even writing it) now!

Easter is so like Christmas! I went to me Mammys on Easter Sunday for dinner! Turkey, Ham, stuffing, Roast spuds, the works! Just like Xmas dinner! Then your stuffing your face with sweets and chocolate and on Good Friday the pubs are shut (just like Xmas day)! Kids are even getting toys instead of eggs at Easter! Again, just like Xmas! The only difference between Easter and Christmas; as far as I can tell is that your not sitting on some ould fella's lap, whos dressed in red and his breath smells like Xmas cake! Ok, theres the Jesus thing as well, but Im not getting into that here!

Thats about it for now. Theres still an Easter egg left!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Monday and all is well!!!!

As promised, heres part I of the Virtual Tour of RedFM

Main Desk

Main Touch Screen with all my bits on itPC that grabs all the texts

Part II coming later in the week!

So another Easter is done and dusted, and Easter monday is half over! We went up to friends for dinner on Friday night! Saturday was spent half recovering and wandering around town! Sunday I was out in the station, starting to backup lots of CTB audio plus I dropped off an Easter Egg to me Mammy and stayed for a legendary Sunday lunch! I was in a chipper last night (Yes I know, more healthy eating) and a group of young lads kept going "How many Easter eggs did you get biy" "Fuckin none biy, the oul wan got me DVDs instead" came the reply! There were a few Easter eggs in the house allright, and theres one left to consume! Im not a big fan of chocolate, but it'll have to be eaten!

Got to see a few movies as well! V for Vendetta and Lord of War. Ok its two, not a few!!!! Both very good shows! I was well surprised with V for Vendetta, as I didnt think it would be my cup of tea at all. Im sure all the hard core republicans will enjoy it as well for the "fireworks" at the end!

I picked up a new game for the Xbox 360 over the weekend as well! Elder Scrolls IV:Obilvion! Gone are the days when an adventure game consisted of text and one or 2 static graphics! Here la, heres a screenshot of now and then!

Then and now. Im sure you can figure out which is which! Either way, Oblivion is a huge, beautiful and savage game! And you can ride a horse in it!!!!

Thats all for now kids. Back on the air tomorrow night from 9pm!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday Blog Cancelled

Unfortunately the special Good Friday blog will not be happening. Instead hold tough and come back Sunday or Monday for a special Easter Sunday OR Easter Monday Blog update!!! After that normal service shall be resumed!

Have a good Easter! Check the Best Before on them feckin Easter Eggs!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Im sure at this time tomorrow some of you will be saying to the boss "Cmere, listen I have to go to the stations!" Long weekend ahead for most of us Id expect. On Sunday and Monday nights we have compiled some really great bits from Cork Talks Back! All the big arguments, coupled with lots of skin and hair flying! These 2 days are gonna be my last few days off for a while, so Im looking forward to it!

I got my first (and last) Easter Egg yesterday from Grace, the legend from our Marketing Department! It didnt last long, thats all I can say! I came home and myself and Ger finished the thing off! Ill go and buy an egg or 2 for my parents and myself and ger have decided to pool the funds together and get one big arse egg instead of buying one for each other!

Good show last night, although I think we ran out of steam in the last 15 minutes! Major arguments over the expense of weddings for alot of the show, with some serious skin and hair flying! Last night of our Bartizan giveaway tonight as well! Just a few quick bits from last nights in betweens!

BRITNEY Spears’ baby son suffered a fractured after falling out of a high chair at the weekend! Accidents happen, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a member of the Spears family had something wrong upstairs.

FINANCE Minister Brian Cowen last night predicted that house prices will tail off rather than slump. In his first major intervention on the issue, he said the property boom should come to a soft, not a hard, landing. Unlike the government jet when the tainiaste s on board

Late ‘N Live Top 5 things you don’t want to hear from a petrol pump attendant 120406

5 – Want to see my fire breathing trick

4 – You can save your self a cent on the gallon if you fill the damn car yourself

3 –We used to have some really cheap petrol

2 –If ya think your been ripped off, you should see my pay slip

1 – Can you hold my hose while I put it in your tank

Earlier on this morning I was going through some of me archives of liners from the last few years! Heres a few random samples!

TV star Megan Mullally has confessed she was “mesmerised” by Jennifer Lopez’s famous bum on a new episode of hit show Will and Grace. J-Lo, 34, was making a guest appearance as a wedding singer. Ben Affleck has come out and said “While Jennifers butt has hypnotic qualities its really dangerous to your career”

A TG4 documentary on the loss of Irish culture has won 2 top awards and the Aspen Shortfest Film Festival. Lost and forgotten irish culture, no wonder its forgotten we’re drunk all the time

A BUSINESS student last night claimed the world record for the fastest text message. And the most amazing thing is they found a sober student to do it

A TINY Pacific island is one of the biggest producers of internet porn in the world, a survey revealed yesterday. Finally good news for all the men. It just goes to show that size doenst matter.

Private Lyndy England the lady accused of abusing Iraqi prisioners could face 40 years in prision. You might recall the digital photographs of Private England dragging an Iraqi prisoner around on a leash at the Abu Grab prision. Her defense…..Photoshop.

Independent “Hit” Teams are to be set up for surprise visits to Garda stations around the country to make sure that things are all ship shape and procedures are been followed. Given the low amount of Gardai around..Their biggest problem will be trying to find them

Michael Jackson has pleaded with the media to leave him alone. Makes a change as normally it’s the kids hes pleading with,

THE public was alerted yesterday to the dangers to children of winter plants that are used to decorate houses over Christmas. In its annual report, the National Poisons Centre, which is based in Beaumont Hospital, highlighted some unlikely seasonal hazards. These included the fact that mistletoe, in rare cases, can cause muscle weakness, coma and convulsions. One or two berries or leaves should not result in harm, though large doses can lead to gastroenteritis and abdominal pain. And here me thinking that when I arrive with mistletoe and people are in convulsions and collapsing it was alcohol releated

TAKING to the air and to the ice are just two of the alternatives employers are embracing as an antidote to the traditional booze-fuelled Christmas staff party. Cheap flights abroad or an outing to the ice rink are becoming increasingly popular pre-Christmas events. All very well but how can you photocopy your arse in an ice rink or on a plane

BRITNEY Spears has had a capital idea — she wants to call her child LONDON. How she came up with this is beyond me. Even her husband Kevin Federline is after getting out of bed and asking whats going on. Why would u call ur child after a city. Well what would expect after the mother is called after a popular Ferry company

VICTORIA Beckham has revealed that she does read books - she just doesn't often finish them. Yeah, its tuff to get past the acknowledgments at times

MICHAEL Jackson posted porn magazines home to himself from Japan, jurors at his trial heard yesterday. Michael said they were for the sex education lectures he gives at the ranch

The worlds oldest shoe has been found and its over 2000 years old. Would SHOE believe it

A FARMER has landed a windfall of almost €30m by selling land to house a giant new prison complex, it has been revealed. That’s some cell for the farmer!

A YOUTH had his samurai sword confiscated by a judge at the Children's Court yesterday – After that the case was slashed.

TWO pensioners bought a classic musical DVD hoping to see 1950's icon Doris Day in action - only to find a hardcore porno inside The husband said It was a pretty raunchy, explicit film, it certainly pulled no punches. My wife and I were very shocked but we watched it until the end because we couldn't believe what we were seeing. Well that’s the best excuse ever if your caught with a porno…I couldn’t believe it was happening

It was so hot today that the tainaiste had to go to the elephant enclosure in Dublin zoo to get hosed down

OUR personal borrowings are rising fast and now stand at more than €85bn. We borrowed more than €1.3bn every month last year, pushing up the grand total for personal debt by €16.5bn. If people out there are borrowing 1.3 billion, Im not getting paid enough

Uma Thurman, Natalie Portman and Alicia Silverstone have all been eating uncooked food in the name of optimum health. Woody Harrelson went so far as to publish a 400-page book on Living Cuisine. Most of the supermodels are eating uncooked food as well, by all accounts its easier to throw up. Yeah, I cant wait to go home now and eat some raw mince, maybe ill put it in a blender and drink it down.

RELIGIOUS faith is declining in Ireland, but superstition is still strong. Only 73pc of Irish people now believe in God but more than half of us believe in lucky numbers, according to a new survey. It’s a bit ironic isnt it, when you do your lucky numbers in the lotto you say, please god just this once…cmon god bring up my numbers

THE average Irish smoker is now spending almost €2,300 a year on their. People who smoke could be funding a small mortgage or enjoying the holiday of a lifetime every year by breaking their habit. Its times like this I wished I smoked

PARIS HILTON can't bring herself to watch her own infamous sex video. "I never saw it," the 24-year-old has revealed. "I couldn't bear it." Yeah, neither could the rest of us.

heading that way for a while now. Im surpised it didn’t come sooner. After all the likelihood of you appearing on the internet with your knickers around your ankles was very little with a 35mm camera. But these digital days you can be Next door annie in a matter of seconds. You can take a picture, put it on the internet in a matter of minutes these days, and most ladies are reporting that if they take any sexy pictures with their boyfriends the process lasts longer than the actual sex. So its true, take a picture it lasts longer

THOUSANDS of farmers are hoping to make a killing by demanding up to €18,000 apiece for the large electricity pylons on their land. I don’t know about you but that news is absolutely shocking!

Jordan also that her and Peter Andre are both addicted to St Tropez fake tan. What are they doing, drinking it?She told Heat magazine: "We both lie there (in bed) next to each other, all tanned up. We’re like a pair of hot dogs” Oh yeah, bring on the buns, ketchup and mustard! Sounds like they have an amazing sex life…applying fake tan onto each other and then lying there staring at each other.

ASHTON KUTCHER is relieved to finally call himself Demi Moore's husband - because he was sick of being labelled as her "boy toy" I agree completely, it was an absolute disgrace and downright disgusting that people were using the words boy toy to describe Demi Moores eldest son.

David Beckham is set to be on a 25 pound coin. The coins are to mark England’s 2006 World Cup qualification. So sometime soon, you can look forward to tossing him off into a wishing well for good luck!

MADONNA. has invested in a cellulite-busting wobbling machine as she seeks to keep her young shape. Basically it’s a vibrator. See, you needn’t feel embarrassed anymore buying one, just say its for the cellulite. Although for any of the men listening thinking of buying her goodself 9 inches of rubberised motion, it mightn’t be a good idea to say you bought it for the cellutlite

JORDAN has confessed that Victoria Beckham is her style icon. The busty model, real name Katie Price, says that she really admires the former Spice Girl’s dress sense. Now I wouldnt be Poshs biggest fan but in fairness she does dress very well. So shes Jordans style icon, for what eye liner!

Kerry Katona has revealed she thinks lesbianism is great. In her OK! column, the star admitted she wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to get jiggy with another woman. Well after Brian McFadden crushing you for a couple of years, we wouldn’t blame you!

INTERNET shopping looks set to soar this Christmas as consumers seek to avoid the endless trudge around crowded stores. Already sales at some internet retailers are rocketing by up to 500pc as customers take the less stressful option of shopping from the comfort of their own home or office. Thatll explain why Daddy is sitting in front of the computer at 3 in the morning naked

JESSICA SIMPSON and Nick Lachey have split up. The star couple have released an official statement in US Weekly magazine.It reads: "After three years of marriage, and careful thought and consideration, we have decided to part ways."This is the mutual decision of two people with an enormous amount of respect and admiration for each other. "We hope that you respect our privacy during this difficult time. Its not all bad news, Nick Lachey is getting a new TV show..its called “I used be a celebrity get me a job”

Some of those are all the ways back in 2004! Im sure theres at least one that is remotely funny!
Ok, Ive filled lots of blog space cheaply, so Im off to make something resembling a lunch! Ill leave you with a picture of Jesus...given that its Easter and all!

There will be a special Good Friday blog tomorrow as well!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I needed that. Very long day so far. Been in meetings since early afternoon and only stopped an hour ago! Second last night of our Bartizan giveaway so make sure you tune in for that!

Solid show last night and I must admit the amount of money people are spending on food every single day is staggering. Maybe Im turning into a tight hole, but to spend nearly €30+ a day is beyond my comprehension! Im paying enough for a mortgage as it is, and Im gonna bloody use the house for more than sleeping and downloading pornography! Today I had no choice but to eat out, and it cost me a tenner. Granted, its slowly crushing my heart and my blood is turning to ketchup mixed with burger grease, but at least its not every single day..eating out that is..not me heart!

Special mention must go to John Flynn who drew the following pic on my bebo whiteboard. Its a direct copy off my RedFM profile shot. Now that photo on is ancient at this stage, but still its a savage pic. Nice wan John!

Last night I became the official spokesperson for the C.B.F.W.A. (Cork Bird Flu Worriers Association) and started running one of the first public health warnings from the organisation. No doubt it will be on again tonight so make sure you check it!

Not a great deal left to say so Im off to do some more work with the Bird Flu crew!
Tune in later from 9pm!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All week we have some pretty cool prizes from Bartizan game world in Midleton. They consist of tickets for you and some mates to an exclusive Bartizan event @ The Raddison and a YEARS membership to Bartizan Game World in Midleton. As I was talking about the giveaway last night I started listing out all the computers and consoles Ive owned over the years, and giving it even more thought I left a few out. So heres the full list....I pictures...And its in order too. The most recent first!

Most of them at this stage, have been sold, given away or smashed up with a hammer. The Speccy 48K is still at home in my Mums place, as is the Amiga! All I have @ the moment is the Xbox 360 and a PC obviously! Anyways, thats my super nerd moment outta the way!

I was only off 2 nights, but it felt like alot longer last night, coming back on air. Slightly slow start but once we got going, we got going! Jill Dahne was our Psychic last night, and she hasnt been on since last December! Jill is as good as it gets in my opinion. Last night she knew things about people before they even opened their mouth, and she was dead on accurate! One caller knew the previous caller and Jill knew this before the caller opened her mouth! There was a good couple of jaws hitting the floor in the studio with this one!

I never understood the whole obsessions with Lo-Fat, Diet, Zero, No Carb and christ knows what other monikers have been put on products over the years! Lots of calls on it last night, and some callers told how they suffered with anorexia! I know alot of chefs will say "Keep away from the lo-fat stuff". I think at this stage, if it tastes good, then its "technically bad for you". Salads are supposed to be good for ya, right? So why do they taste so much better with a dressing! As most people will agree Salad dressings are bad for ya because of what they contain. Bit of regular exercise and everything in moderation, while wont turn you into a Mr.Muscle, wont kill you. Theoretically anyway!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Just some random phone shots from the last few days!

Back @ it!

Well my 2 days off have been and gone, and I really enjoyed em! Normally its hard to get back into it after a few days off, but this morning has proved me wrong. Things have gone smoothly!

Im looking forward to The Davinci Code, yet I havent read the book. The Gospel according to Judas hit National Geographic last night. So the conspiracy fan in me, decided to sit down for 2 hours and take it in! What a load of shite! If I wanted to see some footage of an ancient yoke being found, I would have put on an Indiana Jones flick! No revelations what so ever, as far as I could tell! Maybe I should have bought one of the many books that went on sale about it recently!

Our Bartizan giveaway continues tonight and of course all the usual bedlam will be there to boot as well!

Short one today as Im on cooking duties! Talk to ya from 9pm!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long weekend is nearly over

6 hours till Monday and I gotta say Ive had a nice few days off! Friday night I headed out for Jazzy Jeff at the Savoy. I was planning on driving in and driving home, but a mate kept pestering to make it a "proper" night out, so I got the train in! I used to DJ for years and watching Jazzy Jeff was inspiring to say the least! The place went absoultely bonkers when the man came on, after the legend that is Stevie G! From The Police to Kanye West, The Savoy didnt stop bangin!!!!!! Seeing the guy perform brought a big dopey grin to my face, maybe twas the drink but Jazzy Jeff was one of the best nights / gigs Ive ever been at! I took some really shitty video with my cam phone and a few crappy pics to boot. Stevies blog (link at the side) has some savage pics!

Anyways, thats it. Im off to enjoy whats left Ive my night off. Normal service resumed tomorrow and back on the air tomorrow night @ 9pm!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jazzy Jeff @ The Savoy

Just a really quick update! Heres some video from my mobile. The quality is crap but you can grasp the amazing atmosphere!!!! Just click play!!!!Full report tomorrow!!!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

The ould day off didnt go too bad yesterday and Im running from the Ann Summers party as we speak. Proper update tomorrow or Sunday....maybe Monday at the latest!!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good turn out at the Shes The Man screening last night! Crowd were well up for it, and loads of texts after it to say it was a really good, funny flick! Im off tonight and Sunday night so the blog might slow down until Monday. It probably wont, but just in case!!!!!! Just 2 bits from last night

FILMMAKERS have shortlisted Paris Hilton to play Mother Teresa in a new movie. Personally I can see how they would go for Paris. ! Paris and Mother Theresa are quite alike though..they both spent a lot of time on their knees

A 23-YEAR-OLD man will appear in a Dublin court on Monday to face two charges in connection with the one-man pitch invasion at Lansdowne Road last Saturday.. One the charges is something to do with his tackle!!!!!

Lots of calls on these ringtone subscrition services. People are getting ripped off left, right and you've guessed! We will do some more on this next week when we can do some more investigating. Again, the website that was mentioned last night, for helping people if you are getting ripped if is
Sure, theres genuine companies out there, but the ones I looked at, and in particular there terms and conditions didnt strike me as all that convincing! You've been they say!

For any of you Xbox360 people, in case you didnt know, Tomb Raider Legends is now available to download as a demo on Xbox Live. Lara Croft kept me up till 4 this morning and as for the demo..its shortish and sweet. Again nothing mind blowingly next gen, but nice all the same!

Thats my lot for today, Im off planting bushes for the next hour or 2!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Righto, Im way late today. Lots of meetings and Ive a screening to do as well, so It'll be tonight I would imagine that Ill get a proper update done! In the meantime, heres some more whiteboard art from my bebo page!