Monday, November 07, 2005

Is there much point apologising, for the delay in updating. Probably not! To those of you whos lives were deeply affected by this delay, I do apologise. Its been another busy ol week. Obviously with Risteard on holidays for a few days, theres alot more to do. I got to take in Broken Flowers over the weekend. Nice film, enjoyable and of course it has Bill Murray....not to mention a bit of nudity. I quote from a friend of mine who said "I was in the cinema with me oul doll boy, and when the lolita one came out in the buff, I nearly blow me load in me pants" Its a true quote, but I wont go naming and shaming.

Every year I get excited about a few movies. This year has been Star Wars Episode III, War of the Worlds and something that makes Christmas worth while...Peter Jacksons King Kong. I dont know how many times Ive watched the new trailer, but it is bordering on sad. It does look spectacular and Im hoping they'll be some preview in Dublin before it comes out, ala Star Wars 3. Whatever about the big gorilla, we havent had dinosaurs running around eating and trampelling since Speilberg brough them to life with the Jurassic Park trilogy. I guess Im a sucker for big special effects movies.

Im also remotely thrilled that ITV4 has gone up on Sky. For the first time in years, The Late Show with David Letterman will be back on Irish TV. Writing this Im thinking to myself "God what kind of Sad bastard are ya". Keeping with TV, my Sopranos addiction is growing stronger. I ordered the first 3 seasons on DVD from Australia, and postal strike depending they should be here during the week.

Ive had a couple of emails regarding and its back up and running as of this morning. The domain was just being renewed. Im also finished Blockbuster, very good book all about! Granted the type was a bit hard on the eyes. As soon as thats finished, Ive got Heres Johnny to get through!

So thats it, back to the grind stone...the Top 5 has yet to be wrote and the dishwasher must be unloaded. The joys of it!!!