Monday, March 23, 2009

The one with a big ass train set

In the words of Darth Vader "Impressive"

The one with the most awesome song you'll hear all day...maybe

The one that I couldnt be bothered thinking up a title for

Its a few months to the wedding and considering I've a wedding dress to get into, Ive decided to kick off another health kick. Those of you who read this thing on a regular basis will note that somethings not quite right with the above. Yup, you've guessed it, me on a health kick. Again.

After taking 45 minutes to move out of the bed at an ungodly hour, I spent another 15 minutes on the Ipod sorting out Rocky style music, for motivation. I also playlisted the Back to the Future theme, but quickly cancelled that on the walk as it did nothing to propel me to 88mph. So with a combination of AC/DC, The Foo Fighters and the Dropkick Murphy's I set off. I eventually crawled back in the door absolutely feckered after a fairly full on thundering up and down the hills and dales....or something.

As the weeks go on, I'm going to increase the distance and try and get my arms going the way the ladies arms go! Its almost like the Nazi walk motion. But just with arms! It'll be worth it to get into the dress!

Anyways, its time to go and wash the sweat out of various places! 

The one with the bits from the Movie Bit

Year One Trailer here

The Knowing - Looks great!

The Traitor - Hmmmm

Monsters VS Aliens