Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter over..roll on next Bank Holiday!

I read somewhere this morning that the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs at Easter! All this was according to a google search as to where do Easter Eggs come from! Surely the government should be sorting this out! Forget your bird flu, forget the enslaved hens for Breasts N Buns because somewhere there is a load of rabbits laying chocolate eggs! I know what your thinking, its rabbit shit! Which incidently is like small eggs..kinda! So its either some seriously big ass rabbits or someone is sticking all the rabbit shit together to form bigger eggs! Either way, thats alot of shit, and Im talking it (or even writing it) now!

Easter is so like Christmas! I went to me Mammys on Easter Sunday for dinner! Turkey, Ham, stuffing, Roast spuds, the works! Just like Xmas dinner! Then your stuffing your face with sweets and chocolate and on Good Friday the pubs are shut (just like Xmas day)! Kids are even getting toys instead of eggs at Easter! Again, just like Xmas! The only difference between Easter and Christmas; as far as I can tell is that your not sitting on some ould fella's lap, whos dressed in red and his breath smells like Xmas cake! Ok, theres the Jesus thing as well, but Im not getting into that here!

Thats about it for now. Theres still an Easter egg left!