Thursday, January 25, 2007

The one that turns up at the end of the week

Last show of the week till Sunday, but the fun doesnt stop tonight. The big Playboy Pajama party kicks off in Club Light in Mallow tomorrow night from 11.30. Im going to be spinning on Friday and Saturday night. Free entry for anyone who turns up in PJs. I myself may well be turned out in some Hef style rigola! Eimear and her crew of beauties will be there with ears on and fluff on their holes! Well worth checking out and even taking a trip down out of the city for a night!

The trip to New York is more or less sorted, although at this stage Im sick of hotels and flights and so on. Theres been 2 weeks of webbing it up. I was there nearly 7 years ago, but there was a tonne of stuff I didnt take in so this time round, its gonna be a manic week. Herself has been warned. Everytime I think I have stuff sorted, I find more things to add to the to do list. One thing that Im hoping to manage is paying a visit to The Late Show with David Letterman. This was one of the things I did the first time round, and its the one thing I want to do second time round. It doesnt seem to matter that Ger isnt a Letterman fan. Im going! Or at least handing in a few brown envelopes, and promises of crates of Guinness!

Lots of feedback from last nights show and in particular the topic about Gay couples having the right to adopt. If memory serves me correctly, the text poll resulted in 55.8% of listeners saying that Gay couples should have the right to adopt. My own opinion is, as expressed last night, it shouldnt happen, not for a few years at least. Some people seemed to take me up completely wrong on this. Im not in anyway homophobic, but my opinion is formed from society at the moment. Over the last year alone, there has been so many calls about Foreign Non-Nationals with the ususal bullshit sentiments of "There taking our jobs and taking our women!". Besides that lot of assholes who say "We're not racist at all" theres the homo haters. Again over time, these people have appeared on the show! So with these attitudes in mind, how in the name of whoever can an Irish society accept a child that has 2 Mammies or 2 Daddies. Id like to think that its a minority of these people that are out there, but from the shows perspective, never mind the stuff you read about, its a bit more than a minority. Even in my day, the quickest insult that someone would throw at you in a school yard was "Youuuurrr ggaaaaaayyyyyyy boy". I have no doubt in my mind that a gay couple would provide a fantastic family enviornment for a child, maybe even better than a straight couple, but until society is a bit more hip towards gay couples, that the time isnt right now. Maybe its only a few years away, maybe its only a case of playing the waiting game, till alot of these racist fuckers die off! I dont think nobody wants to put a child through the torment and torture that these dopes are capable of, on the street, online or in the school yard! Rant over!

Tonight on the show, among many other things, Ill be following up on the gay couple adopting debate and there are 2, yes 2, €200 vouchers for Harvey Normans up for grabs!!!!!!

The one with the video that I was on about